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Random Stuff December 5, 2007

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Originally posted to Livejournal on May 23, 2007.

Well, I am beat. Absolutely dead beat. I totally won’t go into it, so go read my My Space blog if you want details of the day. Sucked, and I am exhausted. I hate when bad stuff happens while Hubby is away. I really do rely on him just to make sure I don’t lose my mind half the time. He keeps me grounded. And now, on top of all the car stuff………..
The renters who are in our new house may not be out by our closing date. Or our moving date. Or even the date that our loan rate is guaranteed through. Fan-freaking-tastic. Hubby and I are both totally out of our minds over this. Yes, we realize we have legal recourse. But we are buying this house from friends. We’d like to keep them that way. I personally believe that the renters need to get out of my house on our closing date, find a hotel, and maybe sue their builder. But get out of my house first and foremost. This stands to mess up not just our closing and moving dates, but also the time when I can start my hew daycare job, the date that i can be done with driving all day, and the date that my cousin is supposed to move into our rental. If we miss our loan date, then we cannot (absolutely CANNOT) get approved again, because hubby changed jobs. This is most important. We will have no loan, no house, I will have no job, and we will have no place to live. I am a tad bit worried.

In addition, I am two days late. The last thought on our minds right now is a baby. No big deal, if I am PG. We plan to use cloth diapers and breast feed already, so having a baby might be the cheapest thing we’ve done in a year! But, I am not really wanting to be PG right this instant. I have a few symptoms, less than last time, so it could be side-effects again. Either way, I am not in the mood to have to wonder. I’ll pee on a stick on Friday if need be. Till then, who knows.

I am off to sack on the couch and watch more Tudors. Excellent show, really.


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