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Ready to Roll January 17, 2008

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I know it’s been a while since I posted here. Nothing much has been going on, though. We’ve been working a lot, getting through the holidays and such, and slowly getting our house in order. We finally decided that we would start trying to get pregnant in April. If you do the math, that would be a due date beginning in January 2009 and heading forward from there. Before anyone even says anything, that is so that we can avoid football season. I know that may sound silly, but I always feel bad when people have babies right in the middle of their husbands’ favorite things. For instance, I have a cousin who has to come out of the mountains twice in November for his kids’ birthday parties. That’s just not fair to a guy who loves to hunt, and if it’s his only outlet. For us, it’s football. I would hate for Brian to have to choose between the Pitt game and a kid’s birthday party. He would put the party first, of course, but I don’t want him to have to even have to think about it. Now, that said, I don’t know that we’ll plan all of our kids around Moun.taineer football, but I can do that much this time out. So, April.
Unfortunately, I had a feeling that Slush would have a different idea. She is determined that I should be all skinny and fit before we have kids. You know, since I’ve always been so darn skinny, it should be easy to get that way again, right? Sure. I was supposed to have a repeat TSH (thyroid T4) test and go see her in December. I conveniently put it off, especially since I knew I could lose some more weight before going to see her. I think I’m up to 15 pounds gone now (I gained a bit at the beginning of January), so I finally went to get the bloodwork done. I also scheduled a visit with Slush for yesterday.
I didn’t realize just how nervous I was going to be. I needed all my bloodwork to be in good shape, my weight to be down, and Slush to be in a good mood. I was pretty sure that Slush was going to insist on all sorts of things, prolong our wait, and tell me that fat chicks shouldn’t have babies anyway. I’d like to point out that that is total bunk, by the way. So, I started looking into midwives in the area who are fat friendly. Just in case. Because I refuse to give up before I’ve begun.
On to my appointment…. My TSH was 3.2, not great. She’s not going to medicate me, though. It’s all good, because I feel wonderful anyway. I think a lot of my issues were from mold. We lived in a pretty old, moldy house, and I feel so much better now that we’ve moved away from there. My weight was down, my BP was good. So, I asked her if I could try to have a baby.
And she said yes! We get to start trying to have a baby! I have nine more birth control pills before I can be off of it for good. Then I need to spend a month (Feb.) getting acclimated to being off meds, a month (Mar.) just to figure out my cycle, and then we go for it. I cannot believe it. I have been on those pills since I was 17 and I finally get to be free of them. No more chemicals, estrogen headaches, and weird periods. No more worrying about the ethics of the pills, and no more worrying about what they’re doing to my body. And we get to have a baby. I can’t really think of it as “trying”, because I’m determined that we will. Come hell or high water, we’re going to get pregnant. Holy crap, I could be someone’s mother by this time next year…..


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