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Garden Pictures! June 9, 2008

Filed under: What's On My Mind — andreabaileys @ 6:59 pm

I’ve been threatening forever to do it, so I’m finally adding pictures of the garden to the blog. The weather has been hot as blue blazes lately, so things tend to look a little wilty, or else very recently watered. Mostly because they are either wilty or wet! But we finally have zucchini flowers on the plants with tiny zucchini coming right along. So it’s time to share how cool our container garden looks gracing our porches.

Check out these baby zucchini!!

Our bean plants are going wild! Maybe we’ll have beans soon!

Here is some basil, or “pre-pesto”, as I like to call it.

Catnip, or Kitty Pot

Look, Mom! Mountaineer Begonias!!

I love when things start growing!! Now, if the strawberries would just catch up!


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