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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

Clean Teeth, Unhappy Belly September 19, 2008

Filed under: State of internal affairs,TTC,What's On My Mind — andreabaileys @ 2:34 am

Howdy, peeps. I have clean teeth. Before you think “Andi, that’s random and has no relevance here!”, trust me. I went to the dentist today. Now, join me in running your tongue over your teeth. Ah, I love that feeling! On to other things….

Like side-effects. My mother likes to point out to me (repeatedly and every time we talk) that in seven years of fertility treatments, she never had a single side effect to any of the drugs she took. Isn’t that nice for her? Bless her heart. I, meanwhile, am officially on Side Effect Day. My personal name for the day that all the drugs finally kick in (Tuesday night….Wednesday…and BAM! Side Effect Day commences) and I feel like death. Last night, I took my mega-dose (apparently horribly dangerous for me, according to the pharmacist) of Provera. Here’s a great thing about progesterone: it can make you sleep like a log. Or a stone. Or a baby (not really – I hear they wake up a lot). Anyhoo, you sleeeeeeep. Unfortunately, that was awesome with 5 little milligrams of progesterone. Quad-flippin’-druple that, and I had serious, serious trouble waking up today. And staying awake. It finally wore off somewhere around noon. When the doubled dose of Metformin kicked in, making me want to hurl.

Some of you my remember 2004, when I began taking Met. My appendages would go numb and tingly (Brian still finds this hilarious), my blood sugar would plummet to around 60 (much less hilarious), and I would get sick from any and all sugar, Chinese food, and lettuce. That lettuce part never went away, and every salad I eat is a bittersweet blessing. I miss them, but they hate me. Well, I’m on double that dosage now. Ah, my stomach is so very happy. Only JustMe can fully understand, I think. She has an unhappy belly, too. Ugh.

So, tonight I took my drugs early, hoping that lovely Provera-induced sleep would wear off a bit earlier tomorrow, making work less of a chore. Now, I’m trying so very, very hard to stay awake through the West Virginia game. Brian is edgy and mentally pacing the room (almost worse than physically pacing), and it’s 14-7 with 5:19 to go in the 3rd quarter. WVU is not winning, sadly. Luckily, however, there is no blood on the field so far. OOOOOOOOH! Literally as I was typing that, my darling Pat White scored. I have to go watch now. Let’s Goooooo, Mountaineers!!!!


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