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Baileys Points April 10, 2009

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10 Baileys Points to Michelle for knowing that the title to my last post was a Marvin Gaye song. Be like Michelle, and follow my blog. 3.5 points if you knew that there was a 4 Non Blondes song by the same title. I was looking for Marvin Gaye, but I’ll freely admit that I loved me some 4 Non Blondes, too.

Nothing much going on here. I have an ultra-light day of work so I’m making red beans and rice. The link isn’t my exact recipe, just a similar one. Don’t believe those times, though – it takes hours to get red beans and rice the way I like it. A simple dish, but one that is best served by making it slowly. It’s a yearly tradition around our house, much anticipated by myself. I do share, though, since the recipe makes enough for an army. Dinner will be around 8, ya’ll come.

Before that, Brian and I are hoping to make a set of twins the newest addition to our house. A twin set of these, that is:
Blackberry Storm is what I’m talking about. Our phones are about to kick the bucket (Brian’s pretty much has, though he denies it hotly!) and we have our “new every two” credits. Plus, Blackberrys (Blackberries?) are Buy One Get One right now — they’re practically paying us to take two! That’s the talk around our house right now, so I’m hoping Brian suggests making a little trip to the phone store tonight. Keep your fingers crossed! I love new gadgets!

Happy Easter, and I hope you all have wonderful weekend!


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  1. […] and dies routinely.  He hates it deeply.  We are officially technology-poor.  Not to mention our awesome newish phones died within a month of each other.  More on that […]

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