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Lazy Sunday Night June 1, 2009

Filed under: Prayer Requests — andreabaileys @ 1:35 am

“Hey, look! A Sunday post! Today has been wonderfully laid-back. We skipped church (don’t tell anyone), slept way, way, way in, grilled steaks for lunch and then took care of some household things. Like trash take-outs and grocery bring-ins. Then off to our church movie night, where we had yummy treats and watched The Perfect Stranger. Good movie — check it out.

Tomorrow Brian leaves for 10 days for a business trip. I don’t want to talk about it.

Sealgair posted a reply to Friday’s post asking for prayers. Here’s the info:
My Uncle-by-marriage Gary is in the hospital *again*, this time with pneumonia and possibly hepatitis from a blood transfusion. He *just* got out of the hospital last month, after being there with complications from an infected wound on his foot that wouldn’t heal due to his diabetes. He and my Aunt Anita could use all the prayer they can get. I’m really worried!

So get on it, ya’ll. And please keep MadHat76‘s hubby in your prayers, too, though I totally forgot to put him on Friday’s list.

In reply to a comment left by Justme, details on our plan are forthcoming, I promise. It’s not really a huge, in-depth thing. Pretty straightforward and I’ll try to get a post worked up for Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Did I mention I’m a retail-widow for the next 10 days? Ugh.


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