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Our Master Plan June 1, 2009

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Due to popular demand, I’ll share our Get A Baby Plan 3.0.  You know, 1.0 was just get pregnant like everyone else.  2.0 was do a little Clomid. 2.5 was see the fertility gurus for a lot of Clomid. So, without further ado, 

Get A Baby Plan 3.0!

We’re stopping everything for six months.  I know, a crazy way to get pregnant, you might think. We know that it’s either going to take IUI or adoption for us to have children, so we individually took a week or so to think through our options, do some research, talk to the doctor, etc.  Brian said he continually came back to the feeling that we need six months off and then we’ll be successful at something.  Since he kept coming back to this same conclusion, we decided to listen.  If God points you in a certain direction, the best plan is to listen to Him.  So, six months off.  No Clomid, only loosely monitoring anything, and just enjoying our Summer and Fall.  If I get pregnant, it’s God’s Will and rock on with it.  This gives us a chance to heal emotionally, rest me physically, and maybe even drop some of this big ol’ butt.  Hopefully.  Gaining 25 pounds on Clomid sucked, in case I haven’t mentioned it.  

After six months, we’ll try six rounds of IUI.  Ideally, of course, we’ll try far fewer and be successful.  If after six trys I’m not pregnant, then we’re going straight to adoption.  We know that we want to adopt at some point.  Whether that’s for all our children or for children in addition to a biological child remains to be seen.  First we’ll try the IUI so we can have exhausted our options and can move on with no question.  

Don’t think we’ll be spending six months lounging on the beach and drinking mai tais, though. Nope.  Remember my post about preparing for rain?  That’s what we’ll be doing.  We’ve been so intent on asking the Lord to give us a child, but not so intent on preparing for that child. Sure, I’ve done a lot of reading and planning about home birth, cloth diapering, homemade baby foods, chemical-free living, homeschooling, and raising children to serve the Lord, but that’s not preparing for the flesh and blood little person that we’re asking for, is it?  Our eventual nursery currently houses a twin bed, full-length mirror, spare Pack n Plays for the daycare, all our yard sale accumulations, our china, a drying rack for clothes, and the second litter box.  That’s not counting the closet!  Not exactly a nursery.  So, over the next six months, we’ll be rearranging a few things in other rooms to accommodate the furniture and “stuff”, and I’ll purge most of it out of our house.  We’ll return the bed to Mama and Daddy, since it’s theirs, and start planning for baby furniture.  We’ve been buying things here and there that we know we want our kids to have, so that stuff will go into the room.  We’re not painting or hanging window treatments, but we’re getting ready. You know, preparing for rain.  In addition, I’ll be low-carbing it, since that is a good way for women with PCOS to drop weight which leads to higher pregnancy rates.  It’s worked for me before, and as important as grains are for a healthy lifestyle, it’s only a temporary thing for me to do.  Bring on the steak!

The most important things we’ll be doing will be gathering information for adoption, and saving money.  We’ll be choosing an agency, and maybe doing agency interviews.  We’ll be getting our home ready for a home study, too.  Since we’ll be saving $135 each month by not going to the gurus, we’ll put that aside to save.  And start cutting back dramatically in every area so as to start making a dent in the expense of IUI and/or adoption.  This six months is for preparing and planning, and that includes financial preparations.  So we won’t be going many places, doing many things, or eating out much at all.  We’re going frugal, ya’ll.  After six months we should be able to afford six months of IUI and be better prepared financially for adoption.  

So, that’s it.  I know, it’s pretty simple and logical.  We have a great peace with the plan and believe that we’re following God’s will.  At this rate, we’re looking at Baby 2010! Thoughts and prayers, and even advice are greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

Thoughts on links:  if you’re here because you’re dealing with infertility, some of those links might be helpful to you.  I link to things to better explain myself, not because it’s the end all and be all of the information I’ve found.  Like the china link….it’s our pattern, but not our registry. If you see a link about something you’re interested in, follow it and be informed.  If you need an explanation or a link and I didn’t make one, please feel free to comment or e-mail me for further information.  A handful of folks comment on my blog, and I appreciate each one.  But I see a lot of other people are here via Google Analytics, and I see the keywords that lead you here.  So know that I love you, Dear Lurker! Those links are for you!  Later, taters.

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