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Thank God….It’s Friday!! August 7, 2009

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Holy cats, it’s been a crazy week! I should have known going into last weekend already tired wasn’t a good thing. I officially need a lot less nuttiness in my life, and to make up for a huge sleep-debt. Remember when Brian was away for ten days and I nearly broke my ankle, and then my in-laws came, and then Brian was in the hospital, and then we had lots of fun plans, and then my uncle took a turn for the worse and passed away? And then I went to hang out with the biggest, most fun group of women I ever could ask for? That was a little something we’ll call JuneJuly, during which I’m not sure I slept more than 5-6 hours nightly. I seriously cannot believe the turn this summer has taken, and cannot wait for it to slow down. Since all of August is now booked up tight, I’m quite literally praying for September. Not trying to wish my life away, but definitely looking forward to some peace and quiet. Speaking of praying…..

Thank God…It’s Friday


Thank God that this week was fast, and that Brian is patient. Nothing is getting done around here while I am the full-time (but happy) slave to a four month old. I had forgotten just how hands-on they are at that age.

I’m glad that we get to spend a great weekend with each other, and with my family. We’ll be concert-ing and there are rumors of a trip to Skyline Drive floating around.

Stellan is doing great! You may remember that I’ve been following Stellan’s story for quite some time, and that I asked you to pray for him last Monday. The YaYa Princess has been watching Stellan’s situation, too, and I hope you’ll keep him in your prayers as well. But for now, the Lord was good yet again and Stellan is home and doing great. He’ll get to grow a bit more before he heads to Boston for more surgery.

MamaSpohr, who is on my mind so very often, is pregnant. I am so glad that this sweet family is growing again. Understandably this brings a lot of mixed emotions after the passing of her first daughter this Spring, but I pray that this second baby (Binky for now, her blog says) is able to be a balm to her soul and that she’ll feel Binky bringing her Maddie’s love with every snuggle.

MadHat76‘s husband seems to be doing well. I’ve seen the pictures and it ain’t pretty. But it seems like they’re settling into a nice routine.


Please continue to pray for Annette over at Maxey Web. She simply isn’t doing well, and I’m sure that the diagnosis of radiation necrosis in her brain is a bigger blow to her parents than we can even imagine. She was supposed to head into surgery today for a tracheotomy, but was rescheduled for Monday. Please keep her whole family in your prayers.

Have I mentioned Brian needs a new job? Cause he does. Pray on that, will you?

One of my friends from ages ago is going through a lot. A lot. I’m not going to air it on the Internet, as it’s not in my place. But please keep him and his daughter in your prayers.

If you have any prayer requests or praises, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section. Though I don’t always reply, the comments dump right into my blog reader which dumps straight into my phone. So I seem them and pray for each one of you. It’s my hope that you’ll do the same for the people you see commenting. Hey, lurkers….leave a comment and we’ll pray for you, too!! Or just lurk — that’s what I tend to do, for the record!

Happy Friday, ya’ll.


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