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Thank God….It’s Friday!! October 23, 2009

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It’s been so long since I blogged about anything that I’m surprised Blogger didn’t say “Who?!” when I logged in. I cannot explain to you all how busy it’s been around here, but I also know that’s no excuse. Heaven knows I’ve had time to farm on Facebook, embroider a tablecloth, try to learn to knit, dodge housework, and have slumber parties with Mama. Of course, there are also countless crazy children running around my living room most days so that kind of kills any desire to do anything more than nap once they leave. Today is Friday, thank the good Lord above, so we’ll jump back on the TG…IF train today, as well as a mini-update.

When last we left our superheroes, they we had survived Mama’s double knee replacement surgery (yeah, we only had to sit in the waiting room while she went through the surgery…but we all survived so there!) and she was well on the road to recovery. While Mama’s chomping at the bit to be back up and around and feels that her recovery is taking literally forever, in all actuality she’s doing better than expected and is healing amazingly quickly. Thank you to everyone who’s prayed for her and the rest of us, brought food, checked in, hung out with her, or in general forgiven our forgetfulness because we were exhausted. Things are settling into some kind of normal. I’m back home, Mama’s talking about going back to work in the next few weeks, and sometimes she can be found out and about taking in the sights.

Since then, I’ve been working on planning our Annual Halloween party for next Saturday. Growing up, all the family that lived in the county (you know, where there’s plenty of cow tipping but no trick or treating?) came into town and used our house as a home base of sorts. The kids went out and canvased the neighborhood for junk food, and the adults stayed home and enjoyed chili, gossip, and whatever costumes the neighborhood kids had to show off. Our neighborhood growing up (which is a whole three blocks from our neighborhood now) was great for kids, and car- and truck-loads of them would show up for Halloween. As time went on, this tradition continued with slightly-more-grown-up cousins dropping in to show off costumes, as well as all the munchkins Mama had for daycare. Unfortunately, Mama and Daddy’s house is a split foyer, so there are lots of stairs involved in answering the door. A few years ago I offered to take that responsibility off her hands and have Halloween here. I love it. I love having our family, old friends, new friends, my daycare kids, and Mama’s daycare kids over to the house, and about 500 neighborhood kids (not exaggerating) at the door. So if you’re in the area on Halloween and want some chili or cake, drop in! Until then, I’ll be cleaning our house and maybe have some curtains hung by then. Ha!

Brian had his second sleep study and now sleeps with his Luke Skywalker mask (seriously click that link — it’s hilarious) at night. It’s so quiet in our house. Ah…… Hopefully in a few more weeks he’ll feel even better as he catches up on some missed sleep! I’ve noticed a difference in him lately, and I hope he will be able to soon!

Meanwhile, we’re both dodging the flu like crazy people. Folks are sick at Brian’s store, kids’ parents are sick here at the daycare, and it seems like everyone we know has someone sick with the porcine plague. I woke up feeling all queasy and Brian feels like trash today, too, so hopefully it’s just because it’s been a long week. Here’s hoping!

Now, without further adieu….

Thank God….It’s Friday!


I am incredibly thankful for my husband. Always, but I’m just throwing it out there again this week. He understands me, he gets me, and he loves me anyway. That’s just cool.

Thank God Mama is doing so well, and that she has such an awesome “support staff” there with her throughout the day!

Yay for grass-fed, organic, locally grown beef. Our second beef will be arriving tomorrow to stock our freezer, and I’m so excited. We weren’t sure we’d be able to afford it this year, but God provides and makes things happen. Yay for yumminess that is so good for you!

Some projects that we’ve been working on for the past year or so are finally coming to a head. That includes things like curtains, finally decorating our house, screen doors, and many other things that we’ve been hoping for but putting on the back burner.

MadHat76‘s husband had a great report at the foot guru this week!

Sealgair is getting all tatted-up this weekend! I know she’ll have a ball! Of course, she has only added fuel to the fire of desire for my tattoo number two….

Thank heaven for great friends and simple weekend plans like this.


Please continue to pray for Mama’s knees!

One of my daycare families has a cousin affected by the H1N1 flu. She is 12, and is not doing well. She’s had the flu for three weeks, and her lungs are affected. Please be with her in prayer.

MadHat hates her job. She’s working for some seriously screwed up people. Please pray she finds a new job, preferably before she needs bail money….

Brian’s in the same boat. Pray on that one, too!

Our neighbors are a hot mess of white trash drama. Not to be judgmental, but my doors are perpetually locked now. Please pray that this situation resolves itself quickly and painlessly!

Well, it’s time to get ready for a three year old’s birthday party!! Have a great Friday, and I promise I’ll be better about keeping you updated!

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