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Christmas Craftiness January 2, 2010

Filed under: Crafty hobby — andreabaileys @ 6:00 pm

Here are a few of the things that I made that we gave as gifts for Christmas 2009. I love making a good deal of our gifts. It just makes things more personal and hopefully lets people know how much they mean to us. There are a few more gifts that I haven’t finished yet (we have an extended Christmas since we have family and friends spread out over a pretty big distance). I’ll hopefully have a chance to post them after I’m done and after we’ve given gifts. These have all been sent out into the world already, so here you go….

These light bulb Christmas ornaments were for my piano students. I made these and another style that had an angel on them.

These sock animals were for my daycare kiddos. I loved making them, and hope they enjoy playing with them!

These napkins were for Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy. I love making napkins, and really, really love working with cool Amy Butler fabric!! There are more pictures of these so that The Bum can revel in their Amy Butler-ness from afar


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