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Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes…. January 7, 2010

Filed under: Infertility,TTC — andreabaileys @ 6:00 pm

Who says you can’t change your mind? Who says you can’t change it 8 million times? We’re doing just that. This month we planned to start using IUI to get pregnant. We formulated this plan about seven months ago, in May 2009. Some issues had arisen that just made it the best option for us. We have spent seven months knowing that 2010 would find us arranging our schedule and lives around IUI, not to mention our budget.

Fast-forward seven months, to now. A lot has changed. We’ve fixed a lot of the issues that were keeping us from conceiving. I haven’t blogged about a lot of it because it’s quite frankly not public business (big talk for a woman who discusses her ovaries online, no?), but things are way better than they were in May and it looks like we should be able to continue trying to conceive the…um…old fashioned way.
Hee hee, I’m a 12 year old….. We’re going to give it a few months and see what happens. Heck, our plans don’t matter a bit to God anyway, and we’re just basically waxing theoretical until we reach His appointed time for us to have kids anyway. Might as well change our minds every 10 minutes and keep it interesting, right? Thanks for hanging out on our roller coaster!!

**Post Script, of sorts: reading back over our Master Plan link, I nearly laughed my big butt off. We had huge plans for that seven months, lemme tell you. Almost none of that happened. So, so, so much more did happen, and thank God we weren’t trying to make a baby through all the crap that was 2009. But seriously, God’s not the only one laughing at our Master Plan. HA!

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