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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

Thank God…It’s Friday! January 22, 2010

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This has been the strangest week! I used to get sick quite often. Once we moved out of our old mold-bomb of a house and into a nice, new, mold-free house I was able to start working on my immune system. Most of our lifestyle changes have been focused on improving our health in specific areas, and one of those is our immune systems. I don’t want to have to depend on vaccinations, antibiotics, and modern medicine to prevent or heal illness. Instead our focus has been on strengthening and support our immune systems to do their God-given job. As we’ve switched to whole grains, grass-fed beef, raw milk, and local honey we’ve seen a great increase in our abilities to avoid illness and recover more quickly from whatever we do manage to catch. I’m not saying we don’t get sick. Heaven knows we can both get a pretty good cold if it’s going around! But it doesn’t seem to linger, and I don’t remember the last time I missed a day of work due to illness (piano lessons, yes. I don’t choose to share germs with those families that don’t have to come to our house). Last week, however, a tiny Typhoid Mary brought an evil germ into my house. Apparently my body immediately latched onto it and took it deeply to heart. I know because I can feel it burning in my chest!! I have been coughing since Saturday. A lot. I’m pretty sure it’s not bronchitis, but it hurts nonetheless. So I’ve been lying low all week. Nothing much has gotten done except for daycare. I cancelled lessons, shifted any housework into “Merely Survive” mode, and temporarily forgot how to cook. Hack, hack, cough, cough, sniff. That’s been my refrain for a week now. YaYa Princess said she was compulsively checking my blog yesterday in an effort to dodge work. Sorry, kiddo, I was too busy coughing up a lung to help you out on that! So, on the top of my prayer list this week is: may I please feel better soon!! (click that Typhoid Mary link — interesting stuff!)

Thank God….It’s Friday

  • Brian is off work for 10 days! He needs a vacation, and plans on using it to accomplish some things around the house that have been needing attention for a while. I hope he has time to rest and relax, as well. In the middle of that vacation, he has a birthday, too!
  • Aunt Margie is home! She’s pretty much homebound now, so if you know her please stop by and visit. She’ll certainly talk your ear off in the living room, but you’re not liable to see her out and about any time soon.
  • Mama’s knees are officially released! Not from one another, not from her legs, but from the doctor. Yay for her!
  • I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems like the Provera might just work…..

  • We’re planning on going to visit Brian’s family next weekend. We need good weather for that, since it’s so far away and over several mountains.
  • We’re also planning on seeing Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy (hi!) this weekend to celebrate Brian’s birthday and Lizzy’s belated birthday. This wintery mix outside my window needs to clear up, post haste.

Have a great weekend!

Note to MadHat76: you crazy woman! Those are burp cloths for babies, not placemats! But now you’ve got me thinking…..

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