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I Love Comments Sooooo Much April 20, 2010

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I really do!  Comments let me know that that someone out there is reading my rambling thoughts.  I mean, those cool little widgets that show me all manner of statistics tell me that people are visiting me, but comments let me know that you stayed around long enough to read a whole post!  And that just tickles my little soul.  So here are some answers to comments….

Thanks for all the grill love.  Tonight it made us some lovely steaks and squash.

Everyone seemed to love the alpacas!  From what I understand, MadHat, llamas spit more than alpacas.  Apparently alpacas only spit when they’re frightened.  Which is good, because Daddy said it was rank.

In answer to Arinne’s comment on Good Friday, we are loving our new church.  We’ve been there for about two (two and a half?) months and are starting to make friends.  You can check it out here if you’re interested.

Arinne also asked how I feel about stevia as a sugar substitute.  Basically, I like it.  I use it in tea sometimes to avoid adding sugar.  I can taste the difference, but I don’t mind it as much as I hate Splenda’s aftertaste.  It’s just…different.  That said, I use it in the dried herb form, and haven’t tried any of the commercially available kinds that you can bake and cook with.  So I can’t voice an opinion there.  Usually I try to use honey or cane juice crystals instead of sugar in baking and cooking.  Hope that helps!

If I didn’t comment on your comment, don’t take it personally!  Chances are I already commented on the post itself, or else just didn’t have anything else to say.  I still loved the comments!

And now, a chance to comment your little hearts out.  I am always looking for something to blog about.  I would love suggestions.  Ask me anything, give me a topic to expound upon (you know you want to), be nosy.  Stay away from politics (before you even ask, I’m a liberal-leaning, Christ-following, government-disliking, anti-abortion but pro-choice, pro-civil-unions-for-everyone-even-heterosexuals, keep-your-state-out-of-my-church-and-my-church-out-of-your-school, submissive-but-not-second-class, ex-pat wannabe kind of woman.  Do you really want to open that can of worms?! Didn’tthinkso.), and my actual sex life.  You know, because there has to be some mystery.

Other than that, fire away!  And let me know what you think of the new site.  Anything you’d like to see added, taken away, anything not working right or whatnot, let me know.  And now…I’m off to the sewing machine.  Goodnight!


3 Responses to “I Love Comments Sooooo Much”

  1. Shell Says:

    Hmm…gotta get used to this one. Oh, and the link you had on the other blog? For some reason, it wouldn’t direct to this site.

    Yeah, I know llamas spit way more than alpacas. That’s why I am quite honored to have not ever been spit on by a llama 😀

  2. Briianna Says:

    Hm. I can’t tell if it’s this computer or your new blog color-settings, but I can’t tell the difference between regular text and links. (I like being able to see a link so’s I can click on it!).

    All the alpacas I’ve met have been soooper sweet.

    I want to learn spinning, but am afraid – it’s another hobby where I end up with yarn I don’t do anythign with! LOL

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