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Thank God….It’s Friday April 23, 2010

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Yay for Friday!  This week went pretty fast, and I’m not complaining.  Here’s what we’re praying for this week — please feel free to leave your requests, praises, updates, and whatever in the comments.  If you see comments ahead of you, pray on them if you’re led.


The baby has decided that naps aren’t evil after all!  He’s taken a few bottles without screaming his head off, and life is settling back into our normal routine. Yay!

Brian had two days in a row off this week.  I love when he’s home, and he loves getting some sleep.

We’re supposed to head to Morgantown next weekend to see Nurse Baileys and watch WVU’s spring game.  I’m so excited for a much-needed trip out of town, and to see Brian’s sister.

We got the exhaust system on my car replaced for a lot less than we had anticipated.  My car is officially quiet again, and just a little less of a beater now.


One of my oldest friends is going through some rough stuff lately.  Please pray for her as God leads you.

MadHat76’s grandfather could still use prayers as he continues with chemo and radiation.  Please keep him lifted up.

Uncle Roy is not recovering very well and he and Aunt Margie need 24 hour care.  The family is struggling to cover this need and still maintain their own lives.  Please pray for guidance, patience, willingness, and financial assistance.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!


One Response to “Thank God….It’s Friday”

  1. Shell Says:

    So sad to hear about Uncle Roy and Aunt Margie. I will definitely be praying for the family…~hugs~

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