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Crazy-Busy Weekend April 26, 2010

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Whew!  I’m exhausted!  Our weekend was so huge that I need a whole week just to recuperate before I do it again!

Correction…my weekend was huge.  Brian had to work 9 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday. His weekend pretty much sucked, I think.

But mine…mine rocked!  Saturday morning at 9 I bopped out the door to meet Mama in the driveway.  We headed to the Verona Antique Mall for their yearly antique appraisal.  It benefits local Relay for Life teams, so it was a fun way to donate to a worthy cause.  We took a few pieces from our respective “collections” to have appraised.  Mama’s family (her brothers, her mother, and herself) are antique lovers.  My two female cousins and I have followed in their footsteps, albeit a little more…um..reservedly. The big deal for all of us is Depression glass, but that’s not what Mama and I took to Verona.  Mama took a bone china plate and her crystal ball.  I’m not kidding.  She has this awesome piece that her mama had and passed down that we’ve always called “the crystal ball”.  It’s gorgeous and such an unusual piece.  Turns out it’s a radio lamp from the 1920-30s.  I can’t find a picture to do it justice, because it’s that unusual.  I took a picture from Brian’s grandma that turned out to be a 1935 lithograph.  It’s a picture of Christ knocking on the door, and we’re hoping to put it up in our spare room once it’s restored.

After the appraisal, we met my aunt and uncle and spent the next, oh, like 9 hours walking around the antique mall.  I found a really cool little sewing kit that I’ll have to take a picture of because it’s so unique that I can’t find a picture on Google.  It’s adorable though!  I love the “personal” type of items you find at antique stores.  To think that some lady used this little sewing kit is so fun!  It still has the thread on the bobbin that she put on.  Whenever I buy a piece like this, I like to actually use it, and hopefully do justice to someone else’s prized possession.

By the time we left the antique mall, I was exhausted!  But Mama and I hit the grocery store and popped home to pick up Brian. We went across town to look at a table, chairs, and hutch that we’re buying for our dining room.  Currently we’re using the table that I bought for $10 (maybe $25?) in 1998 when I moved into my first apartment.  I originally used some plastic lawn chairs around it, and then Mama and Daddy bought me four chairs.  Those have since been replaced by four chairs from Brian’s store, and now we’ll finally have grown-up furniture!  My granny’s hutch will go upstairs to be re-purposed into a dresser.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures.  I’m personally thrilled with the whole set and can’t wait to have a dining room that is a little more user-friendly.

After all that, I needed a nap!  I crashed out on the sofa for a while before the really tedious task of trying to find someplace to buy dinner at 10 PM.  How can Qdoba be out of chicken and steak, by the way?!

Sunday morning I went to church, then hit the other grocery store for the rest of the groceries, and the home.  I slept through a bad movie I thought was going to be good before going upstairs to Spring clean our bedroom.  I’m working my way through our house one room at a time.  I’m knocking down cobwebs, cleaning woodwork, washing windows, steaming window casings, and vacuuming behind furniture.  In our room, I rearranged the furniture, too.  When Brian dragged his tired carcass home at 9:30 he helped me turn the bed.  Tonight we’ll move my cedar chest out of the spare room and into our room to act as my bedside table.  I love rearranging furniture, but I’m paying for it today!

By 11 PM, I finally crashed onto the sofa and headed to bed an hour later.  My nonstop weekend wore me out, but I had a ton of fun.

This morning I woke to an email from a friend (and loyal reader!) that their baby is finally here!  Congratulations to Carrie and Arinne Braverman on the birth of their son, Noah!  Mazal tov, Bravermans!

Now, to find my desk in the black hole that is our office…..


One Response to “Crazy-Busy Weekend”

  1. Arinne Says:

    Thanks Andrea! Good for you with the Spring Cleaning…no wonder you’re exhausted! I am tres impressed that you clean at home with STEAM–whoah!

    When I lived in VA I was always impressed by the quality of the antiques available at auctions. Here’s another intersection I never knew we had! I used to collect stuff from the late 19th century–spectacles, clothing, old keys, photos, Christmas cards, etc. and my mom collects whale oil lamps!

    Have you or your family ever gone to an Antique Road Show appraisal (show on PBS)?

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