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Answers to Comments May 7, 2010

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I had a few comments recently that I thought might pertain to someone else as well, so I’m just making a post of it.  Your regularly scheduled Friday post will be up around 5:00 EST, so check back!

Brii-anna said:

Hm. I can’t tell if it’s this computer or your new blog color-settings, but I can’t tell the difference between regular text and links. (I like being able to see a link so’s I can click on it!).

All the alpacas I’ve met have been soooper sweet.

I want to learn spinning, but am afraid – it’s another hobby where I end up with yarn I don’t do anythign with! LOL

That might just be your monitor.  On this template, links are highlighted with a pale mauve-y color.  And I’d love to learn to spin, but more want to learn how to needle felt.  Again, a way to accumulate fiber that I then do nothing with as well.

Arinne said:

Thanks Andrea! Good for you with the Spring Cleaning…no wonder you’re exhausted! I am tres impressed that you clean at home with STEAM–whoah!

When I lived in VA I was always impressed by the quality of the antiques available at auctions. Here’s another intersection I never knew we had! I used to collect stuff from the late 19th century–spectacles, clothing, old keys, photos, Christmas cards, etc. and my mom collects whale oil lamps!

Have you or your family ever gone to an Antique Road Show appraisal (show on PBS)?

I should probably clarify that I’m cleaning one room at a time, and at this rate I should finish sometime around next Spring….  And I love my Shark EuroPro steam cleaner.  And no one is paying me to say that.  Brian got it for me for Christmas, and I can knock out a bathroom in 2o minutes.  Yay!  We do have good antiquing around here, too.  My aunt collects a lot of the same things from the late 19th century that you do!  Most of her stuff was her family’s, and she also collects hat pins.  We’ve never gone to an Antique Road Show appraisal, but I love the show!

I’ll be updating our fertility situation on my 5 o’clock post, so see you in a few!


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