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Thank God…It’s Friday May 14, 2010

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Helllloooooo, Friday.  I missed you.  I’m glad you brought your friend, Weekend, with you, too….  Seriously, I’m not nuts. I mean I am, but not any more so than usual.  This week went much better than the two previous ones, which is a great thing. Hopefully they’ll just keep getting better as Baby P gets a little older and finds a better schedule.  Or learns to conform to mine.  Whatever.

Thank God…It’s Friday


The not-enough-managers-to-work-all-the-hours-so-Brian-can-do-it trend at the Low-Price Bargain Basement where Brian lives works is possibly coming to an end.  They hired someone who will hopefully be competent enough to open and close the store.  So maybe he’ll get back to having normal days off and better hours.  Because getting home after 11 PM and having to go back in at 5 AM was getting seriously old.

I’m supposed to sing in a wedding next month, and just received confirmation that there is indeed a piano available with which to accompany myself.  This is great because I hate hate hate singing with accompaniment tracks.  Yay for real, live pianos!  Well, not live….

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be off work the last Friday of the month and we’ll be headed to West By God Virginia to see Brian’s family.  His sisters are supposed to be in, and we’ll have four whole days to be there!  (Hey, WV peeps — we’ll be getting everyone together again.  Stay tuned.  Also, a possible trip to Blennerhasset Island is in in the works.)  This is the closest we usually get to a vacation (still paying for Ireland ’06, quite frankly), so I’m terribly excited!

If you are Facebook friends with YaYaPrincess, you already know about her great news.  Namely, another Petite YaYa will be joining our happy group!!  Yay!!!!  Needless to say, I am thrilled beyond belief at the mere thought of another child to spoil mercilessly.  I still remember giving The Godson soda behind his mother’s back.  What am I saying?!  I never did anything of the sort…  Seriously, though, I’m so darn happy for her that I can’t hardly stop myself from texting her daily to ask how it’s going.  Keep her lifted in prayer (and The Boy, too, for his sanity duties as an expectant father) for the next six months as she makes an entire person from scratch!


Yesterday afternoon, a man was either run over or hit by a car in my neighborhood.  His girlfriend was driving and either was fleeing his abuse or was trying to kill him, depending on whom you ask.  Either way, he is not in good condition and is fighting for his life.  Please be in prayer for “John”, his family, and for the woman involved regardless of the situation.  Closer to home for me, please be in prayer for the park-full of 11 and 12 year old (and younger) children who witnessed a very, very gory incident.

We’re getting new-to-us furniture this weekend.  Please pray that all goes smoothly!

Have a great weekend!


One Response to “Thank God…It’s Friday”

  1. Candy Says:

    Yay! Your headin’ to the mountains 🙂 We’ll be seeing ya soon!

    You gave soda to Captain Oblivious? The horrors… lol.

    Congrats, indeed, to YaYaPrincess and The Boy! So flippin’ excited.

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