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New Doctor May 27, 2010

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Okay, not so much a doctor.  I saw my new midwife yesterday for my first appointment.  I’ve always gone to an obstetrician/gynecologist who is very “medical” — everything is fixable with a pill or procedure and Western medicine is always best.  Have ya’ll met me?!  I love her to bits, but that is so far from my ideal that I can’t even see it.  I know from friends that she views pregnancy and delivery very much as a matter of “induce it, push it early, if it takes too long cut it open, pull it out”.  Um, no thanks, not for me.  So as I’ve been making some lifestyle changes and my view of health in general has changed, I knew that switching to the midwives here in town would be my next move.  The only problem is that I’ve been either maybe-pregnant or definitely-not-pregnant perpetually for over two years.  This month I was finally able to call and schedule a new patient appointment to establish myself there before I actually get pregnant.  I figure there’s no sense in getting all knocked up without a viable exit strategy!

I immediately loved the facility, which is wonderfully new and huge!!  They have several OB/Gyns in case you need them or prefer that, and many midwives.  I saw Midwife S, whom I knew already and knew I would adore.  I do!!  She’s been through infertility, and totally gets it. She was able to commiserate and had some great ideas that may help us get pregnant faster, too!

Almost immediately she mentioned testing  my Vitamin D and TSH levels to check thyroid funtion. I have been BEGGING someone to do this for over four years. It’s not even that she listened to me — she suggested it!!  Thank you God, for fresh eyes looking at me!! I hate to say I hope that it’s all low, but I do. So that I can fix the problems and hopefully get all preggo. She was appalled that no one has put me on Synthroid before. Hm…two general practitioners, an OB/Gyn and an fertility guru or two haven’t bothered to notice the cold, fat girl shivering and scratching her dry skin as she eats her 1200 calories, gains fifteen pounds and can’t get pregnant…… Thyroid problems much?!?! It’s text book, guys.  I told her that I was supplementing my Vitamin D daily and she said she wants it at a much higher level than most practitioners, which is great!

There was only one tiny thing.  And it’s not a bad thing, per se.  But when I asked her about her willingness to work with a homebirth midwife in the area, she said that their malpractice insurance won’t even allow them to see the same women.  Any hint of a working relationship between them would lose the entire practice’s insurance.  So, a resounding “No” on that one.  And then, very gently, she told me that with my history of PCOS and the possibility of thyroid problems I wasn’t even a candidate for a homebirth, due to a greatly increased chance of risk during delivery.  Which broke my heart, but I totally understand.  I’ve had my heart set on a homebirth since before we even starting trying, and was looking forward to a mother-baby-centered birth in a familiar place allowed to labor the way I want.  It’s too easy to be pressured into Pitocin and C-sections  in a hospital setting.  Midwife S was so sweet about it and very understanding, but very firm.  I totally see her point and respect her wisdom, but it’s a little death of a dream, I guess.  I guess I’ll just have to have a very firm plan of what I want and don’t want, and will have to make sure that she is very aware of all that ahead of time.  You know…once it’s an issue.

Meanwhile, I’m most of the way through my extra-long Clomid run, and am just waiting to ovulate.  Yay!  We’re hopeful this month.  I guess I say that every month, don’t I?  We’re off to West Virginia to see the rest of the Baili this weekend, so I won’t be around until next Tuesday.  I’ll try to have pictures to post!  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


One Response to “New Doctor”

  1. A-dawg Says:

    Best of luck with the testing, Andrea! And if you *are* indeed hypothyroid, I’m happy to talk to you about my journey and non-mainstream treatment. I’ve tried almost everything, including Armour. I now get my medicine compounded at my local compounding pharmacy using Dr. Blanchard’s 98%/2% ratio using T3 in addition to the standard T4, with the T3 coming from a pig (oink!) My most helpful source in the journey has been the book, *What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism* which also has a bit regarding infertility & pregnancy. FYI, Dr. Blanchard is also willing to try treating those with symptoms who are borderline hypo or not strictly hypo by the numbers, but otherwise “textbook” hypo.

    As for the vitamin D, I think I mentioned that I’ve been on 50,000 units/week for like 3 years now and the prescription for “sunshine in a bottle” is cheap…like $10. 😀 Yay!

    Also, I was so sorry to read that the home birth thing might not work out as you’d initially hoped for. I know it’s not the same, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by how homey some birthing centers looked. Did you get to take a tour of the rooms? When we toured facilities by us we were blown away that a lot of birthing centers and labor floors in hospitals have showers with the movable heads or birthing tubs right in your room…unlike most homes…and that you won’t have to even *think* about cleaning your house 😉 PLUS, it was *really* nice to have FREE nurses at the press of a button 24/7 during our stay after the birth for unanticipated questions/matters…and *all you can eat*, free meals 3 x’s/day! 🙂

    Congrats on getting all your ducks in a row. Sounds like you found a winner with Midwife S. 🙂

    Have a great weekend and an even better month!!!

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