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Yet Another Doctor’s Visit June 9, 2010

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This morning found me at the doctor once again.  My fertility monitor didn’t peak again this month, so in a depressing repeat of last month I headed off to the fertility guru for some answers.

Basically, what I got was a repeat of last month.  The doctor found a spot on my ovary that he thinks is a corpus luteum, and my progesterone level will tell us for sure.  This is literally exactly how last month went, and then ended in crushing disappointment when my P4 level was nonexistent.  I’m really not getting my hopes up this month, but I’m not getting too excited, either.  I think I’ve gone numb.  I’m not 100% sure if that’s good or bad…..


3 Responses to “Yet Another Doctor’s Visit”

  1. Shell Says:

    Is that “spot” at the same spot? Or a different area? Just curious…I didn’t think a corpus luteum would occur in the exact same spot two times in a row…

    • Fabulous question. I forgot to ask the doctor, actually. These are the sort of questions I remember on my way back over the mountain 😉 This was a different doctor this month – my usual doctor instead of the other guy – so he may not know where the spot was last month. So, I have no idea…..

  2. Sarah Says:

    Andrea – I read and think of you often. I pray that the Lord will bless you with that little one your heart is yearning for. I know the heartache that you feel….I too felt it for 3 years. I am so glad to read of how your doctor’s are trying to work with you and get some answers. I hope they come quickly.

    Question – have you been tested for genetic disorders? That was my problem.

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