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Typing on my paperweight June 18, 2010

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You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while.  That is mainly because I would be further ahead to write out a blog post longhand, strap it to a carrier pigeon, and mail it to ya’ll.  My laptop is a paperweight.  Seriously, it sucks.  To fully understand how badly it sucks, I’ll give you a bit of background…

When I met Brian, I had just purchased a spiffy new D.ell laptop.  It was lovely.  I purchased it under great duress because my previous C.ompaq laptop screen had spontaneously ceased to work.  So I was forced to purchase finance a new laptop because I needed it for work. Thanks, D.ell!  After a few years, the power cord ceased to work. It had developed some manner of short and wouldn’t charge the battery unless held in a particular position via rubber band.  Eventually it became clear that it wouldn’t charge at all, and there was an emergency dumping of data onto an external thingie so I could abandon ship.  Sketchy plans were made to have So-and-So solder whatever was broken and fix my just-paid-off laptop.

Brian, in typical fashion, happened to have an extra laptop that he wasn’t using.  I’m not 100% sure why he always has extra electronics sitting around, but he does and it’s come in handy more than once. He supplied me with a nifty little tablet computer that had a huge battery and was tiny.  I loved it, and planned our wedding on it.  The battery lasted in the car four hours or more at a stretch, enabling me to do much of our planning en route to Little Bro’s college graduation.  I loved my secondhand technology.  Brian, meanwhile, purchased a new Toshiba from the Now Defunct Electronics Retail Store where he lived worked.  It had been purchased and immediately returned, so he got a great deal on it.  All was well.  Until one day when I was sitting on our couch at the old house, doing wedding stuff, enjoying some lovely green tea in a cute little handle-less cup.  Which I promptly dropped, spilling tea all over my great little tablet.  The keys of the keyboard immediately started sticking to themselves and refusing to work at all.  While the computer was fine, the keyboard is dead.

Brian, meanwhile, had discovered that his open-box T.oshiba sucked.  It froze up and overheated and was temperamental.  Apparently it was a design flaw, owing to the fact that some yahoo engineer thought putting a desktop processor in a laptop body was a fine idea.  Notsomuch.  Brian then purchased a new laptop, and planned to put his uber-hot, touchy T.oshiba on e*bay.  The theory was that the money he garnered from its sale would pay for his new, spiffy, downright sexy Vista-running laptop. That’s when my laptop received its green tea bath.

So, in typical Baileys fashion, I inherited my third secondhand computer (my desktop is Little Bro’s old one).  You know, the overheating, temperamental one.  With promises that it was merely temporary until Brian could order and install a new keyboard on my handy tablet.  To give you an idea, that was in our old house.  We moved to this house in 2007.  Three years ago this coming week.  I am still using this overheating, God-forsaken T.oshiba  that I hate with an all-searing passion.  It freezes if you move it (seriously — I can’t set it down while it’s open), it shuts down all winter long due to static electricity (we live in the driest house on Earth), and it gets too hot to live if it’s used to long.  This has all gotten progressively worse until now.   Now it overheats if I play a Facebook game, and shuts down if too many windows are open.  It burns my leg if I have it on for longer than 15 minutes, and a chill mat doesn’t help.  I’ve lost more emails/blog posts/picture edits/important things than I care to count.  Thank God for the “Save Draft” option of any site…

Meanwhile, Brian’s spiffy new Vista-running laptop?  He hates it.  He’s wiped it and installed XP, and then has reformated it about a bajillion times.  It overheats and dies routinely.  He hates it deeply.  We are officially technology-poor.  Not to mention our awesome newish phones died within a month of each other.  More on that later….

So, that’s why I haven’t been online in ages.  I do have WordPress on my new-new, ultra-awesome Droid, but typing a whole post with my thumbs is not appealing.  Do expect more small, random posts as I learn how to use the program, though.  For ultra-small, very random thoughts, there’s always Twitter.  The good news is that Brian finally ordered my new keyboard for my tablet.  Let’s hope I can keep from killing that one!!

Meanwhile, I must go.  This laptop is burning a hole through my jeans, which usually means it’s about to shut down. I don’t have a formal Thank God…It’s Friday today — things are pretty quiet around here.  But a friend could use some prayers, as could we.  Just pray as led.  If you need anything prayed over, leave it in the comments.  If you see a comment ahead of you, please take a moment to pray for that person.

Happy Friday!!


2 Responses to “Typing on my paperweight”

  1. Allison Dossett Says:

    Have you thought about a netbook? matt bought me one for Christmas. It’s tiney but for blogging, pictures etc it works great….adn much less $$

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