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Bolt Out Of The Blue June 21, 2010

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Sometimes you just know what your body is doing.  Other times, not so much.  Last month I was convinced I had ovulated and my monitor had just missed it. Blood work said nope. This month I was convinced I had not ovulated, and my doctor’s appointment and blood work on June 9 verified that.  Remember my 1 ng/ml P4 level?  Outstanding.  So I was told to retest a week later.  I moseyed on down to the local lab on June 16 and gave them a vial so they could tell me that I hadn’t ovulated that week either.  I stopped using my fertility monitor after the first appointment because those sticks are expensive and there’s no reason to waste them when I pretty well knew that this month was a bust just like last month.  I pretty much just waited for the inevitable Provera prescription.

This past Friday, I had a raging headache.  I used to have headaches all. the. time. Like daily, and I’m not exaggerating (though I am prone to hyperbole).  I had headaches so often that I Excedrin-ed myself right into the beginning of an ulcer.  Fantabulous.  But since straightening out my system and my diet and some other stuff, headaches have been mostly a once every month or so sort of thing.  Friday, however, my brain started bleeding out my ears.  I was ready for Excedrin.  I figured I’d better check with my patient messaging system just to make sure that I hadn’t ovulated (and therefore could be multiplying some little people-cells) before dumping some non-Tylenol pain killers in me.  I was actually surprised that the message from my doctor was ready, considering that I had my blood work done during nap time on Wednesday, and this was pre-lunch on Friday.  But there it was, a message from my doctor nurse.

Telling me that I had indeed ovulated in the past week.

Holy mother of pearl.  Somewhere between like CD 24 and CD 31, I laid an egg.  I have absolutely no idea when it was, or why it was so ridiculously late, but I’ll take it!  My P4 was 12 ng/ml, which is pretty darn respectable since we have no idea how many days past ovulation it was.  I’ve had P4 tests two days or so after a peak reading on the monitor that were 6 ng/ml, and I’ve had seven day P4 levels that were 16.  So based on a 12, I’d guessitmate (since I’m a doctor, fuh realz) that Wednesday was about five days post-ovulation (5 dpo, for those of you playing the at-home game).  Putting my egg drop around Friday or Saturday.  Which, without telling you all about my luuuv life, is pretty darn convenient.

So….wham bam, I am in the middle of an unplanned two week wait.  I don’t feel a thing, and I’m determined not to let my mind make up symptoms willy-nilly.  I’m just avoiding all the things you’re not supposed to take/eat/drink/enjoy while making small beings, and I’ll test at some point when I get tired of waiting.  But I’m not stressing this month.  I cannot take that again, and I will not spend another afternoon sitting in my front room sobbing during nap time because I’m not pregnant.  This month was in the trash bin and this extra two weeks is just a gift.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m still blown away that I actually did ovulate!


2 Responses to “Bolt Out Of The Blue”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh – PRAYING for you! Remember to let God be in control and praise HIM no matter the results.

    • Thank you!! We have no real choice but to let the Lord have all the control — He’s given us plenty of opportunity to practice that! And we will definitely praise Him just for the chance to ovulate, and for His perfect timing. 🙂
      Now….may He just give me patience!!!

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