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Thank God…It’s Friday!! July 2, 2010

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No, really.  Thank. God.


I get to hang out at the cabin this weekend with Mama, Daddy, VA, Bean, and assorted family members.  I may even have some of my housework done before tomorrow.

I think Clomid is working this month.  I am super tired, which I tend to be when it’s doing its job.  I didn’t feel that way the past two months, and it was not exactly living up to its reputation. I’m hopeful that this means it’s decided to play nice.

My cousin’s birthday is this week.  Yay for her!


Please pray for a friend looking for work.

Please pray for a friend preparing to move out of state.

Brian has to work at least 32 hours this weekend.  That’s just what he’s scheduled for, not any extra that may come up.  He could use some prayers for strength, patience, and peace.  And a new job.

Have a fabulous weekend!


2 Responses to “Thank God…It’s Friday!!”

  1. Arinne Says:

    How’s the bug bite? All healed?

    • Yes! Thanks for asking! The redness was down to nothing in 24 hours and it was completely normal within a few days. The actual bite took a bit longer to heal and looks like it’s going to leave a small scar, but I generally scar really easy anyway. All in all it looks all better!

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