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I’m Back! August 19, 2010

Filed under: Catching Up — andreabaileys @ 1:00 pm

Did you even notice I was gone?  Sigh….  Seriously, though, I was totally detached from the technological world there for a while.  Brian was able to put a new keyboard on my new old laptop, and I got all my files transfered over from the old old laptop and from my dinosaur desktop.

Almost immediately I began getting  a flash of blue screen before the laptop would shut down.  Brian discovered that bits of my hard drive were going bad, so I backed up all my information (gigs and gigs and gigs!).  And….like two days later it died.  Brian installed a new old hard drive and reinstalled Windows, and it seemed to be okay for a day.  Until it wouldn’t come back out of hibernation.  Some more tinkering and viola!  I have a laptop that works.  As soon as I get all my files reinstalled I’ll be up and running.

Other than that, life has just been so busy lately!  I’m working on organizing our family reunion for early September as well as a few other projects.  I’m also getting used to having my body back for a little bit.  Since Clomid wasn’t working for a few months, my body is starting to return to normal.  My eye that was affected by it is returning to normal size and ability, and I’m finally able to drop a few pounds.  Very few, but whatever.  The baby is still not napping, but the other kids are being great.  I’m ready for Fall and all the fun that comes with it.

I’ll try to come up with something sparkling and hilarious to post…or at least a decent recipe!


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