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Kicking Off 33 The Right Way September 4, 2010

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This has been an awesome birthday week!  I’ve enjoyed fabulous gifts from family, friends, and Brian.  He went above and beyond and gave me a nook.  It’s amazing!  I’ve already put about 250 books on it and can’t wait to start digging in to some of them.  This man knows me so well, it just blows me away sometimes.  Little Bro and Sweet L gave me adorable stickers for notes and cards and such, and a beautiful pendant.  Add to that a Scentsy and excellent gift cards to one of my favorite restaurants and to Barnes & Noble, and I’ve been completely spoiled.

Wednesday night, on my actual birthday, Brian and I went to Dona Rosa for dinner.  If you’re in the Harrisonburg area, I can’t encourage you enough to stop by there for some fantastic Mexican food.  It’s wonderfully authentic, and you must get dessert.  Today Mama, Brian, Little Bro, Sweet L, and I went to Blue Nile for Ethiopian food for dinner.  It was a first for most of us, and words cannot do it justice.  I love most any “ethnic” food, and this is no different.  We ate on the back deck, enjoying a beautiful night.  It was all pretty much perfect.  We then went back to Dona Rosa for dessert (it really is that good).

Tomorrow, Brian is off again and we’re headed to church and then vegging out here at home.  I’m even off on Monday for the holiday — this is a fantastic birthday.  So far, 33 isn’t half bad!

**my computer is still defunct.  Posting may be even more sporadic than usual while I try to convince Brian to get it working again.  Thanks for your patience!**


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