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Back In The Saddle On Monday September 20, 2010

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Monday has been a sweet relief from the previous weekend so far.  This past weekend was so busy that I was pretty much looking forward to getting back to work.  There is sure to be less shopping and errand running, less cooking, less set-up and tear-down.  Bring on the week.

Mama and I had our collective daycare picnic this weekend and it went great.  We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to have fun.  It was especially cool to see all the teenagers that came back to see Mama.  She’s touched so many lives in just 32 years of care, and I hope I can have even half the impact she’s had thus far.

Today is a slow day with only about 1/3 of the Munchkin Coalition in care.  So far the floor has gotten vacuumed and a load of dishes are in the wash.  As soon as I finish this blog the rest of nap time will be used for folding six loads of laundry.  I hope the day stays nice so we can go to the park!

You may have heard me complain lately that I haven’t been able to maintain a good schedule around here.  Every time a new baby joins the Coalition there are subtle changes that have to be made.  I switched a few things around last week that hopefully will put us back on track.  I feel like I’m reclaiming my life.  I accomplish more when we’re on a strict schedule, and the children all benefit from routine.  When it gets disturbed, we all suffer.  I won’t lie — the chaos around the house for the past six months was really hard on me.  I started having panic attacks again and felt a nasty bout of depression creeping up.  By Thursday and Friday of last week I was starting to feel better again about a lot of things.  Being in a better mental place is a fabulous side effect of routine and schedule!

Speaking of which, I should get some nap time work done.  Make it a good Monday!


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