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30 Second Weekend October 4, 2010

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I tell you it was Thursday 10 minutes ago, wasn’t it?! This weekend was all go go go, with healthy doses of lying around mixed in.  Friday,  Brian and I laid low and watched entirely too much television.  We stayed up late and accomplished little.

Saturday, Mama and I got up relatively early to head to the Mennonite Relief Sale. We had a ball!  We had yummy buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, browsed the booths, munched on homemade potato chips, bought a strawberry pie to split (which made Brian’s weekend, I think), and were wowed by the auction.  It was something I think we’ll definitely make an effort to attend in the future.  We’ve both always seen the signs and meant to go but never made it.  The money goes to a fabulous cause and the figure given in church yesterday was just under $290,000.  It’s expected to rise as further donations are counted.

Saturday afternoon Brian and I enjoyed the BBQ chicken I brought home from the sale (are we seeing a trend?!) and I crocheted my little fingers to the bone while he cleaned the carpets.  Rinse and repeat for the rest of the evening.

Church on Sunday was great, and then I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I took lunch out and ate with Brian on his break, and took care of groceries and general shopping.  Then more crocheting and vegging:  we are an exciting bunch around here.

This week is our anniversary.  Brian is off for three (maybe four?) days to celebrate, so maybe we’ll do something on Saturday.  I’d love to hit Monticello or Mount Vernon, or Natural Bridge.  Some of the things that Brian has never seen that are Virginia staples in my opinion.  At the very least, maybe a trip to Skyline Drive.  Or maybe we’ll stay here and hold the couches down…who knows?!

Monday looks like it will be a laid back day.  Thank goodness — I need to recuperate!  Have a great week, ya’ll.

**I noticed that someone reached my blog by searching for the recent admission of plagiarism from MckMama.  I have not addressed this here, and won’t.  I hadn’t mentioned her by name, and only do so now because if people are searching I want them to find what they’re looking for.  I will not be addressing it here.  That said, if you’d like links to see the facts for yourself, email me at TheBaileysAdventures @ gmail dot com.  **


2 Responses to “30 Second Weekend”

  1. Allison Says:

    um I’ve been under a rock-e-mail me about this plagarism!

  2. Arinne Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

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