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Big Ol Box ‘o Fun October 6, 2010

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I’ve decided to blog this cycle in detail (not that much detail…get your mind out of the gutter).  When we began looking into information for gonadotropin cycles, we found startlingly little information beyond “this is what gonadotropins are, here’s the basic biology of how they work”.  Very, very little information that wasn’t put out by a pharmaceutical company, actually.

So I’m going to be really open this cycle.  Ask me questions, ask for details.  I’ll give you prices, even. Because we’ve only been estimating our costs for this cycle because no one has posted good information about costs that I could find.  It may seem like a lot of information, but hopefully someone out there can use it.

When the doctor decided what drugs I would be on, the nurse called them into the pharmacy.  My insurance company (whom I like to curse) insists that I use a mail order pharmacy if I want my drugs covered, and they have a specialty division for infertility drugs.  I’m special, ya’ll.  The pharmacy called to schedule my delivery the same day we decided to postpone our cycle due to my trip to Women of Faith.  I asked them to push back until mid-September.  I knew they only carried one of the meds, and I would have to arrange for the big shipment later.

I had completely forgotten about this until this box appeared on my doorstep on September 14th…..

I couldn’t think what it could be, and didn’t recognize the return address.  The last thing I received in a box marked “Perishable” was fruit, so I was immediately stoked.

I opened it to find….

A cooler.  At this point, I actually still wasn’t sure what it was.  I am slow.

Opening the cooler revealed this:

Now I got it.  The 30 syringes and 60 needles definitely clued me in.  Big needles for mixing drugs and tiny needles for stabbing myself.

All of that packaging, cooler, and ice packs were for this…..

Inside that box on the right is one vial of human chorionic gonadotropin.  I’ll use it when my eggs ripen to trigger ovulation.  It’s one shot worth.  All of this is for one shot and 30 needles.  The unmixed medication doesn’t even require refrigeration, for the record.

One shot.  Which cost $70 after insurance.


2 Responses to “Big Ol Box ‘o Fun”

  1. A-dawg Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with all of your readers. There’s definitely too li’l info. out there, and there won’t be any more unless someone as brave as you is willing to put themselves out there. Much appreciated!!!

  2. […] the boxes started to arrive.  My trigger shot showed up first. Next was the big ol’ box of Bravelle.  I’ll probably post a separate ditty to let you […]

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