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Four Years Ago October 7, 2010

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Four years ago today, I married the most wonderful man in the world.  It’s been a really full and very crazy four years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.  We may have our issues with communication and time, and I may be crazy more often than not, but we work together pretty darn well.  He’s strong where I’m weak, he’s logical where I am not.  He’s quiet when I can’t stop running my mouth.  He makes me laugh, and he holds me when I cry.

This year, our anniversary brings with it deep thoughts about our current circumstances.  We’ve been fighting this horrible infertility battle for more than half our marriage.  No matter what happens, we’ve done it together.  I wasn’t able to find concrete statistics regarding infertility and divorce, but I know that it’s a common problem among childless couples.  We’ve established the fact to us it’s not an option.  We’re determined to do the work it takes to keep our marriage on track, no matter what it takes.

So what happens if we never have kids?  It’s okay.  I have a wonderful husband that I adore.  God has blessed me immeasurably already.  I know that I can live happily with Brian for the rest of my life even if it’s only the two of us.

Four years ago today I married the man who has become my best friend, my confidante, my support in every way.  And tonight I’ll start a new endeavor with him.  Tonight I’ll mix up a medication and inject it into my stomach in hopes of making a little person to join our already happy, completely full family of two.  If we’re successful, wonderful.  If God has other plans for us, we’ll do whatever it is together.

Happy Anniversary, sweetie.


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  1. […] Thursday was our anniversary, and ironically it was the day I started my injections.  We both feel this is pretty auspicious.  However, by the time we finished dinner and came home to face the needle, I was as nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I had texted with my wonderful sister in law, Nurse Baileys, the night before.  She reassured me that I would do fine, that it wasn’t a big deal, that the injection is supposed to go in fat so my abdomen really was the right place to put it, and that it won’t hurt much.  She’s a nurse, you know, so I trusted her.  We went into the bathroom, worked together, and got that first shot done.  And it wasn’t bad. I will tell you right now that there is some pain about two minutes after I finish, and it lasts about three minutes.  At first it was a sharp stabbing pain, and the next two days it was only an aching throb.  Now it’s a little twinge and I barely even notice it.  Honestly, it’s the same level of pain as a bad cramp or pinching yourself. […]

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