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Crazy Schedules October 29, 2010

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This has been the longest week….couple of weeks…month….whatever.  Brian has been working evening shifts, so he’s getting home between midnight and 2 most nights.  Even on days when he has to watch the kids or have an appointment, he’s usually in at noon and off around midnight.  I, meanwhile, do not sleep well when he’s not home and wake up when he comes to bed.  My nights have gotten very short!

On top of all that, I’m at the fertility gurus’ office every three or four days for an ultrasound and blood draw, usually around 9 AM.  That’s a two hour round-trip for a twenty minute appointment.  Including Saturdays and Sundays.  I know I haven’t posted much about it lately, but that’s because there’s just not much to tell. I’m not responding well to Bravelle, and am up to 2 vials nightly.  So far my follicles are only around 8 mm, and my estradiol has been dropping.  I’m praying for a better result this Sunday when I go, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  At this rate, we’ll burn through our money before we even get to an IUI.  As it is, we’re pretty sure we can no longer afford a second cycle unless this cycle progresses soon.  Meanwhile, the constant trips back and forth are getting tedious!  I as stuck in traffic for an hour the other day, and the two hour trip turned into four thanks to two wrecks on two interstates and construction.

This weekend we’re having our 4th annual Halloween party!  If you’re local, come on by!  I love hosting this party — Mama used to do it until her knees got bad and she couldn’t handle the preparations and trick or treating with all those stairs.  We took it over and now that her knees are fixed I don’t want to give it back!  The party gives us the chance to entertain at least once each year.  Which totally justifies my keeping a billion serving platters and giant bowls, right? However….there’s a lot of cleaning that goes into getting ready for a party!  I’m sure no one notices if your baseboards are clean…but I do.  So I figure I should clean mine in case anyone in attendance is as neurotic as me.  I just love the feeling of a clean house on the day of a party, and even more on the following day when I don’t have to worry about any housework!  I always say I’m going to take pictures of Halloween, and then I forget to actually do it.  We’ll see about this time.

When you’re praying today, please keep my YaYa Princess in your prayers. She is swiftly approaching her delivery of her sweet baby EB and could use some calm and serenity.  Likewise, we’re waiting on a phone call that will hopefully be life changing.  It’s not baby-related (we are multi-faceted around here) but just as important.  Thanks!

Happy Halloween!


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