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IF November 1, 2010

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I was surfing through a blog the other day and saw a book that references IF. IF, if you’re new here, is “infertility”.  I’ve used the term IF in many blogs, in speech, in emails, and so forth.  But I never noticed something until today.

IF is IF.

As in “if”.  Infertility is a land of “if”.

IF I can’t get pregnant then I’ll go to the doctor.

IF this doesn’t work, then I”ll go to a specialist.

IF my hysterosalpingogram is clear and his analysis is good,

then I’ll start Clomid.

IF Clomid works, then I’ll be a mama.

IF Clomid doesn’t work, well, then what?

IF I’m going to use injectables, then I need to learn how to give myself a shot.

IF these drugs work, then I’ll be a mama.

IF they don’t, then what?

IF I get pregnant, what if something goes wrong?

IF this all works, will I be a mama?

There are so many IFs, so much waiting and seeing, so much trial and error. Infertility is truly IF.


2 Responses to “IF”

  1. A-dawg Says:

    Very clever and very true.

  2. Sarah Says:

    WOW – such a powerful few words that sums it up.

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