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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

So, I Lied… November 9, 2010

Filed under: That Which Pertains To Nothing Much At All — andreabaileys @ 9:00 am

About putting pictures up for Halloween.  I meant well, I really did.  Just like I meant well about putting up pictures of like a billion other things.  I really need to start carrying my camera with me more often.  And then plugging it in and transferring/editing/uploading photos.  Just thinking about it makes me tired!

However, we had a fun time and some of you all were there.  I noticed you didn’t take any pictures, either.

Things are kind of quiet around our house these days.  I’m working on getting ready for Christmas, Brian is working way to hard (getting ready for Retail-mas), and we’re just plugging along.  The weather is colder which is kind of nice, but also kind of sucky since it means winter is coming.  I hate snowy, slushy, nasty Winter almost as much as I hate sweltering, sweating, sticky Summer.  I am such a Spring and Fall kind of girl!  However, Winter makes me crafty, so my hands are pleasantly busy these days.

Meanwhile, YaYa Princess promised me she was having a baby at some point in November.  I’m beginning to think she lied…..  I’m sure she’s not all about rushing it, but I can’t wait to meet the munchkin!

Literally nothing else is going on around here.  I just go from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment, and Brian counts the days to his next day off.  The baby is finally sleeping at naptime, through absolutely no brilliance of my own, so I am finally accomplishing a few things around the house between 1 and 3.  Glorious naptime, how we love you at our house!

So, that’s it.  Don’t say I never write about anything but infertility…..sometimes you get pointless drivel, too!  You’re welcome.



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