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Hilarity Around Our House November 10, 2010

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Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying.  Here are some examples for you to snort over.

  • Watching my mama be in awe of the ultrasound when I took her to my appointment two weeks ago made me giggle.  Yeah, I took my mother to my fertility clinic and let her see my ovaries on the screen while I had a probe up my hoohoo.  The woman did this same thing 35 years ago when it was still on par with rocket science.  It was fabulous!  We laughed a lot.
  • Often heard at our house around 10 PM: “I’m gonna go shoot up before we watch this.  Will you pause it?”
  • Heard last week: “Can you come open this sharps box?  I think I accidentally sealed it up before I even used it!”

Upon realizing it’s possible to take the lid off but not to actually open the little door on top, I decided to just put my used needles in the new, now stuck, box and use my old, working box for this month.  As I was transferring them gently over, being so careful with my own medical waste…..I dropped the box.  Which necessitated my scrounging around on the floor picking up used needles like the world’s worst junkie. You have to laugh at the absurd.

Speaking of which, I wondered: if I already had dark circles and bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep, track marks on my arm, and access to empty syringes, would it have been tacky to be a junkie for Halloween?  Just wondering…..

  • Brian’s best comment yet, upon seeing my sharps box on the counter:  “It looks like Keith Richards lives here!”
  • I keep all my supplies in the big cardboard box in which they arrive.  In our downstairs shower.  And I totally refer to it as “my rig” or “my drug box”, depending on my mood.
  • I have a rash that is either from the Bravelle, from the antiseptic hand soap at my guru’s office, or is from my completely natural olive oil and honey soap at home.  My guru now refers to it as my “wrist itchiness” when he checks on it.  Makes me feel like a big ol’ loser.  With a rash.
  • When TurkeyMary and Mr. G were over the other night, it was getting late and I needed to get my Bravelle dose in before it got too late to do so.  I totally did it in the bathroom off the living room while carrying on a conversation.  I didn’t dawn on me until just now that they might have been uncomfortable with that.  It did, however, add a little skeeziness to our party.
  • We’re going to see Bob Dylan tonight.  I’m totally going to have to shoot up in the car on the way home if it’s too late.  When I pointed this out to Brian, he said “You probably won’t be the only person that night.” Fantastic.

I think the only way through infertility is to laugh about it.  The absurd moments make it so much easier!  Of course, I may be nuts……


4 Responses to “Hilarity Around Our House”

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  2. Sarah Says:

    I had a similar problem with my sharps container. When I first got my meds I put all of my alcohol wipes in my new sharps container and shut the lid for safe keeping. Then the first night of taking shots I realized it’s a bitch to get the sharps container back open. I made my husband rip the lid off. He rolled his eyes at me like I should have known not to shut it in the first place. How would I know that?
    I also have a strange rash. I think I have freezer burn from accidently touching an ice pack to my bare skin. I’m a mess, but at least I can find humor in a not so funny situation.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me!! I felt like a big ol’ idiot trying to break into my sharps container.

      Is your rash at your injection site, or other places? My hands, wrists, and forearms are driving me nuts. I’m chalking it up to dry skin, but I don’t know for sure.

      Humor keeps you from crying, doesn’t it? 😉

  3. Mom Says:

    Gee, thanks for reminding me that you did have a probe up your hoo hoo when I was with you. I sorta forgot that cause I was busy watching the image on the little television screen. Watching your efforts at becoming pregnant makes me realize how advanced things have become since I was trying to get pregnant 35 years ago. After seven years of getting negative results each month, I was ready to give up…and bingo! there you were showing up on that little tv screen!!! YAY for Andrea!

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