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Handmade Christmas Gifts December 22, 2010

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I love giving handmade gifts for Christmas.  If not made by me, then made by someone else.  Not like in a factory or sweatshop, I mean…like in someone’s house.  You know what I mean.

This year, there are two shops that are making my day.  They definitely merit checking out.

The first is Baby Love Blankies.  Their Facebook page is here, and their Etsy shop is here.  I absolutely love their I Spy Bags, and think they’re the perfect gift for kiddos.

The next is Sewing Up A Storm, owned by my sweet friend April.  April made awesome capes for my Munchkin Coalition, and they look fantastic!  She can sew like a mad woman, and her work is wondeful.  Check her out for dresses, aprons, crayon rolls, capes and more! The first link is her Facebook, and this is her Etsy shop.

Share the love — what’s your favorite spot for handmade goodies for Christmas?


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