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New Year, New Post January 3, 2011

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

There — I finally wished you all happy holidays.  I’ve meant to do that since somewhere around December 24th, but I’ve been busy enjoying our holidays.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me, right?

Our Christmas was pretty great — we had just the right mixture of Family Time and Veg Time, I think.  Brian gave me fabulous gifts: a Slice and a huge external hard drive so I can more easily travel between my ancient desktop and my ancient laptop.

The Grinch did try to steal my Christmas spirit, what with unsuccessful peanut brittle and technical difficulties.  Every time I turned around, another strand of lights on my tree was dead.  So I replaced 50 little tiny light bulbs.  Then one strand of my garland on the banister went out.  So I replaced 50 more tiny light bulbs.  When I plugged it all back up…they still didn’t work.  Then three more strands on the tree went out.  I gave up replacing them and just strung some more lights on the tree, until it’s basically just a tree made of light wires.  When I take it down I’ll strip all the lights off and we’ll go from “pre-lit” to “finally lit” tree.  Which probably means I’ll try the LED lights next year, against all my protests.  I also managed to switch name tags on two gifts and Little Bro opened Daddy’s present, but that little glitch was soon rectified and we went on with Christmas.  Through it all, a few things made it easy to reclaim my Christmas:

Making a penguin for my brother's niece...

The way my cats cover their noses when they're cold...

When my tree and presents follow a color scheme - turquoise and white this year....

New snowflake ornaments I can't wait to use again...

My awesome new wreath that took me surprisingly little time to make...

All in all, it was a pretty good Christmas, and a definite improvement over last year.

New Year’s Eve and Day were were pretty good, too.  We spent the evening with Mama and Daddy, enjoying a steak and getting trounced at Rook. Sunday was spent surprising my aunt and uncle with a reception for their 25th wedding anniversary.  It went off pretty well, considering one of the guests of honor was unable to attend.  By last night I was ready to crash.

Not surprisingly, this is how New Year’s Day was spent around here….

Hope your holidays were awesome!


One Response to “New Year, New Post”

  1. A-dawg Says:

    What beautiful crafts, gifts and decorations! LOVE the wreath–gorgeous! And such a majestic looking tree.

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