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New Journey, New Prayers February 2, 2011

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As we pause to gather our strength, heal our souls and lick our wounds, we look forward to a whole new journey as we move towards adopting through foster care.  I’ll post a whole host of things about that as we move forward, have no fear.  But for now, I’d ask for prayer.

But not for us.

Please pray for our child.

God already knows who our child will be.  Maybe he’s not born yet, or even conceived.  Maybe she’s six months old.  We don’t know, but He does.

We’re planning to begin the process in six months, and until we get approved and have a child placed with us it might be some time.  But if we receive an infant for care, he could be growing quietly right now.  He may not be receiving any prenatal care.  His mother may  be using drugs or destroying her body in a variety of ways.  He may be conceived into a hostile environment, or be forming his little body amidst chaos.  He may not even be conceived but his mother is already in a bad situation that will only get worse.  Please pray for her, as well.

If we receive a baby a bit older, say 18 months old or so, she’s probably still with her mother right now.  I’d like to hope that her mommy is doing her very best and the reason for removal is valid but not tragic.  It’s possible that her mother is all alone and will pass away unexpectedly, leaving our future daughter with no one.  We’ll be here, waiting.   But it’s possible that the baby we’ll receive is currently going through hell.  It’s possible she’s being abused, or neglected, or exploited.

The child who will be our child could be going through the hardest part of his or her life right now.  Please join us in praying for our future child, whoever God has picked out for us.


4 Responses to “New Journey, New Prayers”

  1. April Says:

    What a thought provoking post. Isn’t it so great to sit in awe and wonder of what your child(ren) are, or what they will be like one day? You’re gonna make one awesome mama! Praying 🙂

    • I know, right? Doesn’t it amaze you to stop and imagine what your girls will be? So far my DC kids include one firefighter (or construction worker, depending on the day) and one artist who might be a vet, too. Thank you for everything, again 🙂

  2. A-dawg Says:

    Reading your post, it’s so clear that you and Brian are going to be such amazing parents. Sensitive, thoughtful, prayerful, considerate, compassionate, intelligent, reflective…and you will be sharing these gifts with your children…and, in turn, with the world!

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