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Happy Monday! February 7, 2011

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Yeah, I said it:  Happy Monday.  I know that Mondays aren’t usually something to be celebrated, but I figured I might as well aim high this week, you know?  We had a pretty average weekend around here:  Brian worked, and I didn’t.  Brian actually worked a lot and I certainly did…well…nothing noteworthy.  I spent a good portion of the weekend on the couch with my new best friend:  Heat Ing Pad.  We’re pretty tight, Heat and myself.  To fully understand, here’s a quick back story to make you glad you’re not me:

When I was in high school, we did a gym unit on strength training.  I fell in love — I can lift a ridiculous amount of weight and fully enjoyed it.  Of course, having a strange hormone imbalance naturally might have given me an advantage, as well as being built like the proverbial brick house.  My senior year, I was using the weight room at my dad’s dealership (alone, which was brilliant!) and pulled a muscle in my back.  I let it rest, and it healed right up.

That summer, we got a puppy.  We also did what my family has always done during the summer — lived at the ballpark.  So it was no surprise that one summer evening found me sitting on the bleachers with our new puppy on my lap, watching my brother’s Little League game.  As I balanced Duke on my lap and he slept peacefully, my back began to hurt a little.  I decided to take the dog for a quick walk and stretch out.

I stood up…and blacked out.  The best I can figure is that I had pinched a nerve or something, because I was gone.  I proceeded to fall head over heels down the bleachers, hitting my head, shoulders, and back on every. single. step.  I only remember bits and pieces of this, and I assume I continued to regain and lose consciousness repeatedly in the few seconds it took me to fall down about 15-20 steps of bleachers.  I ended up upside down with my feet in the air, my head stuck between the bottom step.  Somehow, I had managed to hold Duke until the bottom, when he ended up under the first step beside me.

I remember my mama and some stranger helping me up — it’s hard to get up when your head is lodged under a bleacher seat.  I was humiliated.  People I knew were all around me — no one could have missed me falling like the klutz I truly am.  They must have thought I was an idiot.  What I didn’t realize was how horrific this looked to everyone else; no one seemed worried that I had made a fool of myself.  Because they all thought I was dead.  Mama told me later that she was certain she was going to rush to the bottom and find me dead of a broken neck.  The man who helped me said the same thing.  I had nothing more than a billion bruises and many, many lumps on my head.  It was weeks before I could brush my own hair or teeth properly, but as soon as I healed I was fine.

Until that fall….  When I suddenly woke up in my freshman dorm room unable to get out of bed.  The pain in my lower back was excruciating.  It was enough to send me to the clinic, and they sent me to a local orthopedist.  Many X-rays and a bone scan later, and we had a diagnosis: I have a crack in my vertebrae. Your vertebrae look like little Scotty dogs on X-ray, and one of mine has a broken neck.  I  forget right off if it’s my third or fourth lumbar vertebrae – it’s basically the one right below my waist.  The orthopedist said that the fall down the bleachers wasn’t the cause, but probably aggravated it.  Based on the bone scan, I may have been born with a cracked vertebrae, because it didn’t give off the heat signature of a new injury.

After spending a year or so doing some back strengthening exercises, it has never given me much trouble.  A few days each year or so I’ll overdo it or sleep funny and feel tight for a few days.  No big deal.  Except that earlier this week I apparently boogered it pretty good.  I can’t bend over, I can’t sit well or lean or do much other than standing straight up or lie down.  So ol’ Heat and I are enjoying some quality time on the couch, crocheting tiny hearts and organizing pictures on my computer.  That’s how I spent my weekend.  Well, that and church followed by seeing a new house with Mama and Daddy followed by lunch and then home.  Other than that…..heat.  Rest.  Repeat. Brian worked and worked and worked some more.

My friend, MatHat76, has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Please keep her in your prayers.  As anyone with Lyme can tell you, it sucks.  It nearly killed my daddy in 1998, and continues to affect the life of one of  my students.  I pray that MH76 will respond well to treatment and won’t have further problems from this disease.

Please spare a thought and prayer for my YaYa Princess this week.  She returns to work after her maternity leave, and I know she’s not looking forward to it.  If I had someone as cute as Baby EB at home, I’d dread it, too! So much cuteness is a dangerous bait!

Enjoy your Monday!


4 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    So sorry to hear about you back. You are way too young to have that kind of back pain. I do know about back pain. I retired early because of my back. I go to a pain management center. The doctor gives me pain pills but also a pain patch. It’s a Lidoderm pain patch. For me, they work better than the pills. And you put them where the pain is. I can use up to three at a time. Next time you go to your doctor, you should ask him about them. I know they don’t work for everyone. But they may help you. Hope your back is feeling better. Take care.

    • Not sure about too young — apparently it’s been damaged either since I was born or when I was a kid. It’s really no biggie. I’d say it hurts maybe a few days a year. But every now and then I manage to screw it up for a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn’t hurt enough for a pain patch, thank goodness. Heat, ice, some herbal muscle rub, and the occasional ibuprofen and I’m good to go. Meanwhile, I hope your back eases up on you!!

  2. Allison Dossett Says:

    You know I don’t think I ever really knew that story in all these years!

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