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Thank God…It’s Friday February 11, 2011

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No, it really still is.  It’s not quite 11 when I’m writing this, so I’m not late.  It’s been one of those weeks.  The kind of weeks that seems like taffy: it just stretches out for…ev….er…..  So I say:

Thank God….It’s Friday


I had a final appointment with my fertility gurus today. My cysts are mostly clear.  We discussed our plans for the future, decided on progesterone instead of the birth control pill for my long range plan, and I thanked them for all their constant encouragement and support over the past two and a half years. I will always thank God for the time we spent at the clinic.

We seem to have fixed most of our crazy cat aggression issues we’ve been having.  It’s almost peaceful around here.  Two cats are scabby and kind of apprehensive, but the Cat Turf War seems to have settled down.

One of my cousins is pregnant!  We pray she has an easy nine months, and a healthy baby.

My back is starting to feel better.  After major muscle spasms in my shoulder from holding my back funny, any improvement is a welcome one.  My lower back has more mobility and less pain each day, so hopefully I’ll be back raising Cain (or doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms) soon.


Brian’s work situation is deteriorating at a very rapid pace.  It’s not pretty, and we would appreciate your prayers both for guidance and for a new job.

YaYa Princess had to put her cat, Tea, to sleep tonight.  Tea had cancer, and YYP didn’t want her to suffer any further.  Please keep their whole family in your prayers.  We take our pets pretty seriously around here, and definitely feel they’re furry family members.  We thank God for them, but it’s so hard to lose one.

MadHat76 is continuing to deal with Lyme disease.

It seems like half the people we know are dealing with divorce and custody issues. Please pray for families and marriages.


Have a fabulous weekend!


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