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RIP, Friend February 28, 2011

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My bloggity friends, there has been a tragedy in Baileysland.  On Thursday, while the Munchkins were watching The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, our television clicked off.  This isn’t unusual, and I immediately checked to see which cat was sitting on the remote.  No one was, so I started messing around to see if I could get it to come back on.  When that was unsuccessful I called upstairs for Brian.

Most of the time he simply walks in the room and electronics of all types hurry to do his bidding.  This time, the TV remained silent.  He unplugged, replugged, and generally jiggered with it.  Then….he smelled smoke.  At this point, Brian pronounced the time of death as shortly before 9.

Strangely, I then burst into tears.  Wait — what?! It’s a TV, Andrea!  I usually only let the Munchkins watch a little in the morning and a few minutes before lunch to settle down while I change diapers and get lunches packed up to go upstairs.  A few minutes in the evening while we wait for the last parents to show up.  And then it’s always public television or a commercial-free kids’ channel.  I encourage people to turn off their TVs.  I firmly believe in people not rotting their brains in front of useless programming and commercialism designed to further the consumeristic ideals of our society.

At least, in theory.  In reality, I have a terribly short attention span.  If I’m home alone, I need the TV on for noise and companionship.  I read during commercials.  If I’m crafting, the TV needs to be on.  Folding laundry calls for all the shows about hoarding, animals, and animal hoarding I can find.  I’ve watched enough Discovery Channel to be able to deliver your baby and do your neighbor’s postmortem.  I am practically an expert in useless facts about Egypt.  I cannot single-task.  I am a multi-tasker, born and bred.  The idea of just reading a book or just sewing or just cleaning a bathroom without filling my head with trivia makes me queasy.

This TV was a piece of furniture!  It was nearly 5 feet tall and about 4 1/2 feet across, and stood in our living room.  It was a place for decorations, my Scentsy, a place to put things out of Munchkin-reach.  A place for Merle to perch, as you can see…

The loss of it has left a literal hole in our family room where the carpet feels nicer than the rest and the Munchkins keep standing just to experience it.

In addition, Brian and I live on a self-imposed shoestring budget. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without.  We don’t go out, we don’t have parties (except once a year), we don’t have a lot of other entertainment.  I hadn’t even realized this until my friend Arinne pointed it out to me.  It’s our only steady source of entertainment.  The fact that it died on Thursday evening was just ironic.  What better way to usher in the pre-weekend than 52 inches of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men, followed by NBC’s fabulous Thursday night line up, all while sacked on the couch crocheting, editing pictures, or accomplishing something during the commercials?  Instead, I ended up in front of our secondhand tube TV in the bedroom, accomplishing nothing but a sore back from lying on the bed.  Trying to stay awake.  Pitiful, really.

Saturday night was just as sad.  Brian brought up the extra DVD player so we could watch Netflix’s latest gift to us while we ate leftover chili….on the bed.  No HD.  No fabulous sound.  No Blu-Ray.

We’re hoping to repair our old bedroom TV for downstairs.  We think it needs a fuse.  So far, Brian hasn’t jumped to repair it. But tonight?  Tonight is Monday night.  Tonight my husband will indulge in his not-so-secret obsession:  Monday night wrestling.  I’m willing to bet that after watching it on our bed, balancing his plate of spaghetti with no laptop video game to play while he watches….we’ll be getting a new fuse.

Now, excuse me while I investigate the possibility of using Hulu on my 6+ year old laptop.


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