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Wednesday Prayer Requests March 9, 2011

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Happy Hump Day!  And while I’m at it, Happy Ash Wednesday.  If you’re giving something up, make sure it’s something you actually like.  Unlike the year when i gave up potato chips….which I rarely ate anyway.  Easy Lent, I can tell you that! I’m thinking of Lent this year as a chance to start new habits, and give up old ones.  I have two really bad habitsI’m giving up but don’t want to go into detail.  But I’m determined!  And I have a few habits I”m hoping to pick up, particularly spiritual habits and personal attitudes.  We’ll see how 40 days goes!

I’m publishing this post a bit earlier than usual today because of some time sensitive things that are going on.  Please be in prayer, if you will.

My sister-in-law is having surgery today.  It’s a big surgery – actually a double surgery.  She’s having a hernia removed and then some girlie surgery.  On my blog I call her Anchor Girl — say it like a super hero!  She has super powers, of course, but also great faith in the Lord.  Please lift her up today around 11:30 and for the next few weeks as she heals.  We’re praying the surgeries are a success and she can be pain-free soon.

One of my students is very ill.  This is a constant struggle for her, as her immune system is pretty weak thanks to Lyme.

The grandson of one of our church family is very, very ill with pneumonia and sepsis.  Please pray he can come off the ventilator and that his kidney function will return to normal, as well as strength for his mother and his wife.

Brian has had several interviews in the past two weeks.  We are praying for good results all around, and for patience.

My brother, creatively blog-called Little Bro, had an interview with a fabulous new school on Monday.  I really pray he gets this job — I think it would be an amazing opportunity for him.  Also, he and Sweet Lizzy became an aunt and uncle again this weekend.  In addition to two cute nieces, they now have a nephew!  Yay all around!

My Mama is still peaked. She’s pretty tired of being sick, so prayers are appreciated.

Brian has something big to deal with today.  It’s kind of a confidential issue (not for us, but for the others involved) but it’s certain to be a giant hassle and make him really angry before the day is over.  He hates injustice and certainly wants no part of this mess.

I need Wednesday to be less crazy-making than Tuesday.  Just saying.


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  1. JFuelling Says:

    Thanks for the prayers!

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