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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen… March 23, 2011

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A month ago, over Valentine’s Day, Brian got the flu.  Yep — positive flu test (did you know those things cost $68 after insurance?) and all that.  He was sick as a dog for a week.  I’d like to say I was a fabulous nurse.  In reality, I was probably less than kindhearted.  I have a very low tolerance for sick adults, and am firmly in Camp Suck It Up.  I’m still learning how to be sweet and supportive, y’all.

In addition, he came home with a prescription for an anti-viral that I refused to take, and I was annoyed when he wouldn’t accept any of the natural remedies that I know for the flu.  He didn’t take the anti-viral, either, but I jumped right on the pine needle tea regimen that I had found. Pine needles contain the same active ingredient as the most commonly prescribed anti-viral, according to the information that I read.  So I kicked up my vitamin D3 intake, added garlic and elderberry syrup, and drank pine needle tea for a few days.  I never got anything more that a few aches and some fatigue and I was better before Brian was.  I may have bragged a little about how far superior my methods were to either the mainstream anti-viral or his method of dealing the flu.  Namely just man-suffering through it silently.

You see, I rarely get sick.  I’ve had one antibiotic in five years (cellulitis in a bug bite this summer – scary!), and the last time I had the flu was 2006.  When I do get a cold or the occasional virus, I usually kick it in half the time it takes others.  I swear by herbal and natural remedies, and I usually can’t imagine why people wouldn’t prefer my way to their doctor’s.  Why, yes, I am annoying, thank you.

Last week, I knew I was getting run down.  I hadn’t been doing a good job taking my vitamin D3 and I can always tell a difference in my energy level when I slack off on that, and it usually saps my immune system, too.  By Friday evening, I was exhausted.  Saturday we had a great day full of pancakes, basketball, homemade spaghetti, and general busyness.  And a deep, nagging cough.  I felt a little rough Sunday but I dragged my carcass to church to play the prelude and offeratory. We had lunch afterwards with Mama and Daddy’s church.  By the end of lunch, I was fading fast.

By Sunday night, I was officially dying of the plague.  I coughed up both lungs, and was starting to think maybe I should make out a will.  At 3:15 AM Monday, I gave in and hit the Nyquil.  If you know me, you know I was desperate.  I only resort to “medicine” when some manner of plant won’t heal me.  Nyquil was necessary if I wanted to sleep.  Brian was nice enough to cover for me Monday at work so I could sleep in a bit. By Monday night, my fever was 103.4 degrees (I usually run about 97.5) and I was pretty much delirious.  I resorted to Tylenol and spent another fitful night keeping Brian awake while I hacked.  On Tuesday, Brian informed me that I was to sleep until at least 10 while he watched the kids.  He’s spent the past few days nursing me faithfully, getting me whatever I need, rubbing my back and holding down the fort.  He learned how to make pine needle tea.  He has persevered while I have barely been coherent. He is a far better nurse than I will ever be.

The moral?  Don’t brag about how you have a superior immune system and a better brand of flu treatment unless you are willing to eat crow.  I prefer my crow with a cup of tea, please….


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