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Thank God…It’s Friday! March 25, 2011

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This Friday, I am thanking God even more than usual.  This morning, Brian left the house around 7:45, dressed neatly in a button-down shirt and dress pants.  He fired up my newly repaired car and headed off to Charlottesville.  To begin training for his new job.  Praise the Lord, we’re back to two incomes!  He’ll be working managing a well-known shoe store here in town. It’s a complete 180 from his old job; he’ll be working in a clean, organized environment with manageable freight and (slightly) better hours.  Is it perfect?  Not quite.  Is it a job that will take the pressure off and get him back in the work force?  Absolutely.  And after his first day, he reports that he likes it.  Thank you, God.

I’m also glad it’s Friday because it’s finally the end of my week of being sick.  It’s been a long week and I couldn’t have managed it without Brian.  At this point, I’m just happy to have a weekend to recuperate!

Here are a few other things we’ll be keeping in our prayers this week.  I hope you will, too, and will add your prayer requests in the comments.


One of my Munchkins nearly lost her dog this week.  The 13 1/2 year old black lab had a stroke and the family was heading towards euthanizing her because she was unable to get up and move at all.  After a few days of steroids, the dog is able to walk and is playing again.

Our friends’ baby came home from the NICU this week!


A member of my family is dealing with the grief of baby loss.

A friend is still looking for work.

One unspoken request from a friend.

My brother is waiting the results of a series of interviews.  It would be a great opportunity for him.

Have a good weekend, folks!


4 Responses to “Thank God…It’s Friday!”

  1. Mom Says:

    I have alot to say and will use this opportunity to tease you. First of all, congrats to Brian on the new job! Secondly, I’m glad you’re feeling better. We love you both and are proud of how you both have endured some very difficult situations recently.

    Now for the tease….I know something you don’t know!!!!

  2. A-dawg Says:

    New job–yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Glad to hear you’re doing better. The flu sounds horrific. Enjoyed reading your take on it, as always.

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