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Wish You Were Here? March 28, 2011

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Most of the awesome blogs I read drop straight into my phone courtesy of a feed reader that gathers them all up for me a few times a day.  That’s why I usually forget to leave comments like I should — I’m reading your blog while I put a baby to sleep, or while I eat lunch, or while I wait for Brian to brush his teeth and come to bed.  Okay, so that’s not entirely true.  Usually he’s waiting on me, and I’m reading your blog while I brush my teeth.

Anyway, I am a devoted blog-follower.  If you entertain me, I’ll read.  If I love you, I’ll read.  If you are my family, I’ll save you for last because you are so important to me!  If you post pictures of your cute kids, your cute pets, yummy food, or if you’re hilarious like Aunt Becky or The Redneck Mommy, I’ll read.  If you’re reading my blog and want to make sure I”m reading yours (and trust me, I want to!), leave me a message in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to my aggregator so I can love you during lunch or nap time, too.

I’d like to update my blog roll, found over on the right-hand sidebar.  I’m thinking about organizing things according to topic or group — maybe mommy blogs, infertility blogs, our family’s blogs, and regular good time reading.  That sort of thing.  I’d like to add your blog to it, too, so that all the people who read here on a regular basis (all three of them) can have a chance to read your innermost thoughts and feelings, too.  And see your kids grow, enjoy your yummy foods, and laugh at your silly antics.  If you’d like to be on my blog roll and aren’t, please leave me a message in the comments on this post.  Is this post a shameless request for comments?  Maybe.

Likewise, if you kinda wish I’d lose your number and definitely think I should remove your blog from my blog roll, tell me that, too.  I’ll pretend not to be crushed.


2 Responses to “Wish You Were Here?”

  1. madhat76 Says:

    Hey stranger! I am going to attempt to move some (or maybe all) of my blogs over to wordpress from – any suggestions?

    • If I remember correctly it was quite easy, like push a button and it’s done. I think I was able to choose which posts to bring over and I don’t remember it being hard.

      All in all I prefer WP to Blogger. It’s a bit buggy, but not nearly as much as Blogger. Be sure to send me your new URL so I can update my feeder and blog roll!

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