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Friday Catch-up April 15, 2011

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Oh my gosh, it’s been weeks since I updated!  I’m sorry, but it’s been so busy.  We’ve been busy getting our lives back in order, basically.  Here’s a brief account of the past few weeks around Baileysland….

I got very ill.  I thought it was the flu.  But I have yet to recover, and it’s possible I was exposed to mono.  All I know is I am exhausted — blinking takes too much effort.  Between that and the splitting headache and the stiff neck from enlarged lymph nodes, I’m a wreck.  Mama had the same stuff, and Brian is starting with it.  I’ve now been sick a month.  Monday I did the first lick of housework in three weeks.  I’m about 50% better than I was, thank goodness.

Brian got a new job, selling shoes.  Then he got another new job.  It’s (much) better pay, (incredibly) better benefits, and (unbelievably) better hours.  He’ll be the assistant manager of a cell phone store, and we will be like normal people: they’re only open 9-7 through the week and 9-5 on Saturdays!  He starts Monday, and this is the job he’s been wanting since he left his old job.  Thank God!

I’ve been crafting my little fingers to the bone.  Projects I have in the works include a baby blanket, a throw, a shawl, a flower chain, gifts for the Munchkins for Easter, a tag blanket, two bags for kids, cabin curtains, living room curtains, and pillow covers.  Easy peasy, right?  So if I’m not around, you know where I’ll be — chained to either a crochet hook or a sewing machine.  I’m hoping to get a serger soon, so that will be cool.

I lose one of my Muchkins next week due to a family move.  I am not okay with this.

The element is dying in my oven.  The result is things like pizza that’s raw on the inside but burnt on top.  Yum!  My laptop appears to be dying, too. Brian’s laptop is basically Frankenstein at this point. Technology for the win!

While I’m at it, pray for this stuff, if you are so led:


Hello, new job for Brian!!  Goodbye craziness in our house!

I may get new curtains done this weekend, if I have help from a friend.  Huge praise for our living room and our electric bill!

My kids are finally able to go outside and have fun with no strollers or slings or valium (for me, of course).  This is an improvement over the past two summers.


Sweet Lizzy’s father was taken to the hospital following a seizure.  He had surgery Tuesday to remove a tumor from his brain.  He is recovering well and is awaiting tests. This is an incredibly hard time for their family.  L is already in PA and Little Bro is headed up tomorrow. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Pray for a few friends who have had pregnancy difficulties and are pregnant now.

Pray for family members facing job loss or in need of new jobs for whatever reason.

Pray for Sealgair, who is living apart from her husband for a year and is handling it way better than I would be.

Madhat has been ill — I’m praying she’ll feel better soon and will be moving back to VA where we can torment her.

YaYa Princess, her husband, and Baby EB are en route to Mississippi.  Pray for traveling mercies, please.

I’m off to make some pasta and get ready for the rest of my day! Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll try to get back to writing halfway regularly.


2 Responses to “Friday Catch-up”

  1. Arinne Says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Brian’s new job is a better fit! Those are fabulous hours!!! I hope everyone feels better soon–that’s an awfully long time to feel so wretched. Did you get the mono test?

    • I know, right?! I’m really hoping this is as fabulous as it seems to be.

      I’m feeling about 90% better, but Brian is really struggling. He’s about a month behind me on this mess. Neither of us got tested for mono — not having insurance and all that. Since it’s a virus they don’t really do anything for you, so we’re just dealing. If Mama’s test comes back positive, we’ll assume we have it. If she’s negative, then I don’t know what’s wrong!!

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