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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

Monday Thoughts April 18, 2011

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Mondays seem to be full of The Randomness for me.  It’s the day when I’m tempted to blog about everything that goes through my mind.  Every thought ends up like some manner of Facebook status…I think it’s the ADD kicking in! So here are my random thoughts of the day – lucky you!

*Lately Monday is the day that I fold laundry.  So Monday morning is the morning that we dress out of a collection of baskets and the dyer.  Navigating our hallway on Monday morning means running a slalom of baskets of clean clothes waiting on the Naptime Fold-a-thon.

*It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days.  Today all it took was a new trashcan downstairs that doesn’t smell like…well, poo.  A trashcan can only take so much cat litter and so many dirty diapers before it just needs to go to the dumpster itself.  I’m ridiculously happy to have a new trashcan.

*I don’t like the fact that when I pick up the living room most of the stuff is mine.  It makes it very hard to blame the clutter on Brian.

*I may be addicted to making pasta.  Is there a 12 step program for this?

*My 3 year old Munchkin is an Angry Birds savant.  There are still two levels in Theme 5 that I can’t get 3 stars on….would it be wrong to let her do it for me?

*Our cat, Tiny asks permission before she jumps on you.  Which is nice, since she weighs nearly 25 pounds.  She’ll stand in front of you, looking pleadingly into your eyes, and meow once. Apparently we have one anti-social cat, one heathen, and one polite lady.  One out of three successes ain’t bad.

*Upon seeing the Munchkins pretend to “scrub” and do “yard work”, I think maybe I need to put them to work around this joint.

*I cleaned my end table with a baby wipe today.  Is there anything a baby wipe can’t clean?!

*We finally filed our taxes today.  We got a refund for the first time in our marriage.  It gets applied to the amount we owe from the past three years, but who’s counting?  It’s a refund, no matter what!

*Burnt toast = smoke alarm going crazy.  Smoke alarm going crazy = three kids having mini-coronaries.

*Last night I admitted to having Gadget Envy.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

*Yesterday as I watched the little kids sing in church and then watched little kids come into the restaurant for lunch I realized that about 20% of my desire to have kids is actually a desire to have kids to dress.  Seriously, their adorable little clothes are going to be my downfall.  Another 10% of my impetus to have children is because I will then have a captive snuggling population after 5:30.

Well, time to make the pasta.  And fold the laundry.  There are only 5 loads waiting to be folded and put away today so that’s a plus, right?!  As you go about your day, please keep Sweet Lizzy’s dad in your prayers as he is home and awaiting the results of his biopsy. Please also pray for Mama’s cousin, Ray, as he faces treatment for brain cancer as well.  Brian started his new new job today, so please pray that he loves it as much as we hope he will! Have a great Monday, bloggity friends!


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