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Crocheted Baby Blanket April 19, 2011

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For some reason, when I hear that someone is pregnant or about to have their baby, my first thought isn’t “I should make them a (insert cool gift here)!” I don’t know why, but I just fail to plan ahead.  So when some family friends announced they were expecting their first son, I didn’t actually start on a gift until the little guy was born.
Yellow and white blanket April 2011

I think it turned out pretty well, and Brian dropped it off at the post office yesterday morning before work.  Apparently I’m obsessed with wide stripes of color right now – I need to branch out a little bit!

My first edging

This is also my first experience adding an edging to a blanket once it’s finished.  The other two blankets I’ve done were nice clean edges that didn’t need any help and looked better plain.  But this blanket seemed to constantly pull and stretch thanks to the fact that it’s homespun.  I seriously hate homespun yarn, still.  It’s a pain to work with and never looks right since it stretches out.  But it’s what I had on hand that was baby-colored and it feels nice.  And it has a nice drape, too….

Yellow and white blanket

It was a nice blanket to work on, and I’m glad to send it off. For some reason I like the close up shots of crocheted stuff. This is just a simple double crochet, skip a chain sorta pattern, if you’re into that sorta thing. This photo makes me want popcorn…
Yellow and white blanket up close

Next up, a blanket for my sister in law and a shawl for Mama. Right after a huge rush of Easter sewing. Someday I won’t procrastinate….

(I uploaded photos a different way this time.  Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you!)

4 Responses to “Crocheted Baby Blanket”

  1. Virginia Says:

    The baby afghan looks beautiful! Love the color scheme, and the edging makes it look so danity and “babyfied!”

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Oh where, Oh where did my comment go!?!
    Please let me know how to not procrastinate if you learn how.
    I need BIG time help!

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