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Monday, Again (yawn) April 25, 2011

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You know, maybe including a yawn in a blog post title isn’t the best marketing tool, is it?  Seriously, though, that’s all I’ve done today.  I love laid back Mondays, and this is definitely one of them!

I hope all your Easters were fun, or your Passover was peaceful.  If not those holidays, I hope your weekend rocked your socks.  We had a lovely Easter around Baileysland.  We went to breakfast at church in the morning, followed by worship service.  After changing clothes we headed to Mama and Daddy’s for a lovely lunch and hanging out.  Then home to clean up the house and prepare for the week.  All in all it was peaceful and quiet.  Today I only have two boys in care, one of whom is only 1 and the other of which has lost his voice due to allergies, so I’m having a pretty relaxed Monday, too.

Which is necessary, quite frankly.  Last week was stressful and busy as well as a bit sad, and I’m glad to be done with it.  On top of the usual hubbub around here, I was busy preparing for a big day last week.  One of my Munchkins’ last day was Thursday, and her birthday was Friday.  Her family moved across town last Fall, and detouring to my house on the way to work or home adds 15 minutes each way to their trip.  That’s an extra 30 minutes of commute time a day, which equals and extra hour and a half each week (she’s part time) to their car-time.  I can see their point, but I hate to lose her.  I like to send my kids off to their next daycare or school with a kid-sized tote bag and a couple of books I love for them to enjoy.  The books were a Little Golden books collection of Sleepytime Tales, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Is Your Mama A Llama?.  The degree to which I love childrens’ books is a bit absurd, quite frankly.  I love Little Golden Books, Richard Scarry,  Newberry Medals, and Caldecott Medals a little too much. My college entrance essay was on Dr. Seuss, for crying out loud.  So, yeah, bag full of books made and filled for Princess E’s birthday/moving-on-day.

In addition to that, I made felt chickies for my girls for Easter.  I used this link for the tutorial, and I think they turned out pretty well, considering I was literally in tears at the sewing machine Wednesday night around 11, trying to finish the bottom.  Now that I know how it’s supposed to happen, the next time will be much easier, I hope. Excuse the hurried, nap time phot and the fact that they’re not all sitting straight, but here’s a picture….

Once the chickies were done, Easter baskets for the kiddos were whipped up in no time and sent on their way as each child left for the week, cupcakes were enjoyed, tears were shed, and Thursday and Friday were over.

Now I’m working on a throw for Anchor Girl and a shawl for Mama, both of which are relaxing, while-you-watch-TV-or-read type crocheting.  I have another tote bag and tag blanket to work on, too, so I’ll try to remember to post pictures of them as well.  But the busy-ness of getting ready for Easter/Birthday/Last Day is finally over!  Ah, Mondays…..*yawn*


4 Responses to “Monday, Again (yawn)”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Sorry but what is a tag blanket?

    • No need to be sorry! A tag blanket is a small blanket for babies with ribbon “tags” around the edge for babies to play with, grasp, suck, etc. They’re usually different colors, textures, and sizes to stimulate the senses and the sides are usually two different materials. If you give a baby a blanket or toy they usually gravitate to the tags; this blanket uses that. In addition moms can use little rings to attach small toys to the loops of the tags.

  2. Arinne Says:

    The chicks you made and photo below are adorable! Sorry to read that Princess E is moving on…particularly for her sake. I wish they gave kids the vote–it sounds like you offer the most loving, creative, nurturing, educational care possible.

    • Aw, thanks! I’m sure this will be a positive experience for her, as well, even though it was hard to face. It’s an unfortunate part of the job, and I don’t think you ever get used to it!

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