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Dear Monday, Please Be Kind May 9, 2011

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I know it’s going to be a Monday when I wake up stiff and sore from not moving all night and cold because my husband is away for training and not being the furnace I’m used to sleeping with.  My Monday just continued in that vein when I opened the curtain post-shower to find that I had forgotten a towel.  Did I mention I was alone?  And the cats won’t get me a towel — they believe in tough love and think I should learn to be more prepared.  Luckily, there was a hand towel hanging on the back of the door.  Unluckily, I’m not really a hand towel-sized girl. But I got my decrepit self dried, dressed, and to work on time!  Only to discover that my first Munchkin of the day would be an hour late.  No big deal…I used the time to vacuum the downstairs, wash the back door window, and kill some time hanging out online.

We had a busy weekend around here!  I hope everyone had a great weekend, and that your Mother’s Day was fabulous.  We started out Saturday with Brian working and me running errands and buying groceries.  When I picked him up from work we hurried out to my father’s childhood church for a fund-raising steak dinner.  They do this once or twice a year, and it’s a great fundraiser for their tiny church.  It’s also consistently hands-down the best steak I’ve ever had.  After dinner we headed to Mama and Daddy’s house for cards and snacks.  Rook, Rummy, and chocolate strawberries on a Saturday night, y’all.

Sunday we played hooky from church in order to get a jump start on our day, and did the laundry and errands necessary to get Brian on the road to PA.  We had a super-mini-flash-mob surprise lunch for Mama for Mother’s Day.  In other words, we dropped in with lunch and hijacked her dining room and grill, bringing burgers and chips.  By the time Brian left town, I was ready to sit on the couch and veg for a while.

Sometimes Mondays are so nice because they give you a chance to calm down, get back to a routine, and not run around.  Or they give you a chance to find out that you really can dry your entire self with a hand towel. Whichever yours is, enjoy it!


4 Responses to “Dear Monday, Please Be Kind”

  1. Arinne Says:

    “And the cats won’t get me a towel — they believe in tough love and think I should learn to be more prepared.”

    LOL…thanks for sharing this!!! You made my Thursday and it’s not even 9 am!

  2. Arinne Says:

    How’s everybody feeling now?

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