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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…-Proverbs 17:22

Please pass the aloe May 23, 2011

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We had a crazy weekend!  Don’t I say that every Monday?  Friday night, VA and I went out to a “BLINGO”, and both came home with awesome, free Lia Sophia jewelry.  Afterwards, we went out to dinner with her daughter and Brian.  Not 100% sure that was a good idea…neither Brian nor I felt quite right for the next 48 hours.  Ugh, chicken roll, why do you hate us?  We also stayed up super late so Brian could price all his yard sale items.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early (the sun was bright and it was early, not us…) to set up for our annual yard sale.  Mama, my aunt, and my grandma started doing this years ago, and I don’t think we’ve missed a year since.  My parents moved into their house in 1977 (they were 8 and 12, apparently?) and I think it all started shortly after that.  Soon most of the neighborhood joined in, and still several families will set out. Yard Sale Day was one of my favorite things growing up.  There were always donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast, and a driveway full of people.  We’d all sit outside getting sunburned and people-watch.  Around noon, Grandma would say “I’m not sitting here for a quarter an hour!” and we’d all pack it up until next year.  Now, with cousins joining in and Brian learning the value of a good sale, we’ve lost Grandma and Uncle Carroll, but the tradition continues.  We don’t have our nosy cat, Blinkie, who would get into everyone’s boxes, but we mention her every year.  Usually one of us will mention the year Grandma showed her bra to the neighbors, we all covet my aunt’s cool lawn chair with the awning, and we all forget sunscreen.  Someone always steals something, and for the past two years a guy obviously high on coke comes back multiple times to buy whatever Brian has on his table.  This year, Brian advertised “retro and import video games” and Star Wars collectibles…needless to say we had a slightly different (read: geekier) crowd than usual.  And they didn’t show up very early, either!  Thanks to that, he made more money than the rest of us.  I got my yearly sunburn (or the first of many, depending on our summer!) and am in crazy pain.  But now the house is cleared out (thanks, Goodwill!) and we’re ready to start cleaning out and accumulating for next year’s sale.  Or posting to e.Bay, if you’re Brian.

Sunday we went to church, traveled a little ways away to have lunch with some old family friends, and then returned home to veg on the couch.  I painted a castle I’m working on for the kids (post to come when it’s ready), and Brian cleaned up his yard sale remnants.  By bed time we were both worn out.  Today I only have one Munchkin in care, so we’re all having a laid back day around Baileysland.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


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