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Help Wanted: Extra Hands May 25, 2011

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I’ve made a decision.  I need to hire extra hands.  I need one of the following:

Someone to do my job with the Muchkins while I crochet/sew/craft to fill orders.


Someone to do my job and craft while I blog and goof around on Swagbucks.


Someone to write a blog post each day while I’m changing diapers and crafting during naps.


Someone to whip up all the sewing projects on my table while I care for kids and write the occasional blog post after 10 PM.


Someone to cook us a well-balanced meal from organic ingredients each day, also leaving a clean kitchen and sticking to a strict budget.


Someone to clean my house while I do a few other things, like blog and surf or play doll house with the kids.

That shouldn’t be too hard, should it?  I just need a social organizer/email answerer/scheduling master/seamstress/crafter/crocheter/baby raiser/diaper changer/chef/housekeeper.  My budget for this position?  About 15 cents.  Please include references with your application!

3 Responses to “Help Wanted: Extra Hands”

  1. Candy Says:

    Swagbucks rule! I would like an extra set of hands as well. Just need someone to go to work for me while I stay home and play 🙂 If I were closer I would so take you up on one of those. 15 cents? Too good to pass up.

    • What’s your swagbucks name? And have you actually gotten anything from them? I just started, so I want to know if I’m wasting my time.

      • Candy Says:

        Ha… you should know my swagbucks name 🙂 I just hit 525 SB so I haven’t gotten anything yet. But I know people who have (like the Amazon GC). I was thinking of the Paypal GC because it is more like receiving cash 🙂

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