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Thank God…It’s Friday May 27, 2011

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Cancer has been heavy on my mind lately.  So today, please pray with us….

For people facing biopsies or awaiting results.

For our friends’ family and our family’s family starting chemo and radiation this month.

For a woman diagnosed with breast cancer who hopes that’s as bad as it gets, because the biopsy could show even worse.

For several family members and friends receiving treatment for brain cancer.

For a friend’s elderly mother battling pancreatic cancer.

For a complete stranger with lymphoma.  Mama and I met her mother, and the lady with cancer has no insurance.

For a friend whose parent is making end of life decisions, but still praying for a miracle.

For two people I know of who have just beaten cancer, and are succumbing to something else entirely.

For friends and family members who have beaten cancer and are now picking up the pieces and learning how to be survivors.

Brian and I have heard so many cancer stories lately that it’s overwhelming. There is no common demographic here, no common age, no common circumstance.  From people in the prime of their lives to people who have lived through eight decades only to be taken down by this horrible disease.  From parents of little children to the grandparents of our friends, from people we know and hold dear to people we only hear stories of.  Little children, elderly people, healthy people, people for whom cancer is the latest in a long line of health problems.  Pray for them all, please, today and in the future.


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